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    Process chart of landfill leachate water treatment technology

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    Our company's garbage leachate treatment process:
    Regulating Reservoir ---- Collector ----- New Type Anaerobic Reactor ----- Catalytic Reactor ---- Efficient Biochemical Pool ---- Sedimentation Tank ---- Coagulation Tank ---- Clarification ponds-effluent (N-UASB)
    Second, the process description:
    1. The adjustment reservoir is mainly used to store garbage leachate to adjust water quality and quantity. Generally, the storage capacity is designed to store water for 100 days, and more earth dams are built on site.
    2. The catchment tank is used to install lifting solid pumps and coarse solids interception in wastewater, and reinforced concrete structures.
    3. The new anaerobic reactor (N-UASB) is a device developed by our company for the treatment of high-concentration waste leachate. Compared with the traditional UASB, microfloc interception methods have been added, and The water method increases the solid concentration and the solid-liquid contact area, thereby greatly improving and stabilizing the wastewater treatment effect.
    4. Catalytic reactor The reactor is a patented device, which can effectively break the long and ring chains of macromolecular compounds, thereby changing macromolecules into small molecules, improving the biodegradability of wastewater, which can be used for the follow-up Biochemical treatment creates favorable conditions.
    5. Chemical coagulation In order to ensure the long-term stable discharge of the leachate (or leachate) effluent, our company has developed a special flocculant for the final coagulation treatment of the leachate. The removal efficiency of the dissolved organic matter by the flocculant is stable at 40-50%, while the general flocculant has only 10-15%. Therefore, it can ensure that the final effluent of the waste leachate meets the standard for long-term stable and economical discharge.
    6. High-efficiency biochemical pool High-efficiency biochemical technology is our company's proprietary technology. It can efficiently perform organic degradation and ammonia nitrogen removal in one biochemical pool at the same time, creating a precedent for removing high-concentration ammonia nitrogen by biochemical method, thereby improving wastewater treatment efficiency. Reduce wastewater treatment costs.


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