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    Technical characteristics and process of chemical wastewater treatment

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    Process system advantages:
    Advantages of ultrafiltration system: the use of hollow fiber membranes of polymer materials, pressure resistance, pollution resistance, long service life, small footprint, high degree of automation,
    Strong separation ability and good effluent water quality ensure the normal operation of subsequent RO / NF system. RO / NF membrane treatment system advantages: RO system adopts anti-pollution reverse osmosis membrane, long service life, salt, organic matter, and refractory compounds. Membrane-bioreactor process (MBR process) is a new type of wastewater treatment technology that organically combines membrane separation technology with biotechnology. It uses membrane separation equipment to capture activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the biochemical reaction tank, separates the clear water, realizes the biochemical reaction and the separation of the clean water simultaneously, and eliminates the secondary sedimentation tank.
    MBR's compact and simple unit structure is particularly suitable for treating printing and dyeing wastewater with complex components and high pollutant concentrations.
    Advantages of MBR process: high processing efficiency, good effluent water quality, low sludge, short hydraulic retention time, small footprint, easy cleaning, easy replacement, stable operation, low operating cost, strong impact resistance, high COD and chromaticity removal efficiency, applications Field: High-concentration chemical wastewater, chlor-alkali industry wastewater, pesticide wastewater, chemical parks and wastewater treatment plants, phosphorus-containing wastewater treatment, formaldehyde-containing wastewater treatment


    Technical characteristics (1) The reaction rate is fast, and general industrial wastewater only takes half an hour to several hours
    (2) A wide range of organic pollutants, such as refractory organic substances containing fluoro, carbon double bonds, nitro, and halogenated structures, all have good degradation effects;
    (3) The process is simple, the service life is long, the investment cost is small, the operation and maintenance are convenient, the operation cost is low, and the treatment effect is stable. Only a small amount of micro-electrolytic filler is consumed during processing. The filler only needs to be added regularly without replacement, and can be directly input when adding.
    (4) After the micro-electrolysis treatment of the wastewater, the original ferrous iron or iron ions will be formed in the water, which has a better coagulation effect than ordinary coagulants. There is no need to add coagulants such as iron salts. And will not cause secondary pollution to water;
    (5) It has good coagulation effect, high chroma and COD removal rate, and the same amount can greatly improve the biodegradability of wastewater.
    (6) This method can achieve the effect of chemical precipitation and phosphorus removal, and can also remove heavy metals by reduction;
    (7) For the high-concentration organic wastewater treatment projects that have not been completed, using this technology as a pre-treatment of the wastewater of the already-built projects can ensure the stable discharge of the wastewater after the treatment. It is also possible to separate a part of the wastewater with a higher concentration in the production wastewater for microelectrolysis treatment.
    (8) Each unit of this technology can be used as a separate treatment method, and can also be used as a pretreatment process for biological treatment, which is beneficial to the sedimentation of sludge and the optimized combined process of water reuse in the advanced treatment of biological wastewater from chemical wastewater:
    (1) Pretreatment + UF + RO / NF treatment process (2) MBR + UF / RO / NF treatment process

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