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    High salinity organic industrial wastewater treatment and resource technology

    Source: Author: Time: 2016-08-08 Views: Times

    [Technical name] High salinity organic industrial wastewater treatment and resource recovery technology

    [Technical content] Based on salt-resistant special adsorption materials, the removal of water-soluble refractory pollutants in high-salt organic industrial wastewater and resource recovery are realized.

    [Scope of application] Toxic organic industrial wastewater with high salt content (> 3%), difficult to biodegrade

    [Theme] river

    [Technical development stage] Engineering demonstration


    This technology is based on a new type of adsorption material that has high salt tolerance, high adsorption capacity and high selectivity for water-soluble organic pollutants, and realizes water-soluble and difficult-to-degrade organic pollutants (such as phthalic acid) in high-salt organic wastewater. ) Adsorption and separation; After the resin is saturated with adsorption, it is desorbed with alkali to achieve resource reuse of useful substances.

    The whole process is realized through the development of a complete set of integrated devices with a new type of continuous adsorption and regeneration equipment as the core, which has the characteristics of low cost, high degree of automation, and simple operation.

    [Process flow]

    The process is "water quality adjustment-mechanical filtration and removal-phthalic acid separation and recovery-biochemical treatment". details as follows:

    1. First adjust the pH of the high-salt organic wastewater to a suitable range, and adjust the form of organic matter in the wastewater;

    2. Mechanical filtration, using precision filters to remove solid substances that affect resin adsorption in wastewater;

    3, resin adsorption: continuous regeneration resin adsorption integrated treatment separation and recovery of phthalic acid and other organic matter in high-salt wastewater;

    4. Biochemical treatment: The wastewater after recovering organic matter is subjected to HBR high-efficiency biological treatment, and finally the wastewater discharge is achieved.

    [Key Technology]

    1.Salt-resistant special adsorption materials;

    2.High-concentration, high-salt, refractory organic industrial wastewater treatment and resource integration process centered on resin adsorption technology;

    3. New continuous adsorption and regeneration water treatment device.

    [Technical Sources and Intellectual Property Overview]

    Independent research and development + optimization integration

    Independent research and development: salt-tolerant special adsorption materials; new continuous adsorption and regeneration water treatment equipment optimized integration: high concentration, high salt, refractory organic industrial wastewater treatment and resource integration process with resin adsorption technology as the core;


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