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    Pipeline drinking water equipment , also known as residential building quality water supply equipment, is based on residential buildings, residential quarters, office buildings, hotels, schools and other units, using reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, resin softening replacement technology The treatment process treats municipal tap water that has reached the World Health Organization (WHO) standard after intensive treatment, and transports it to each user's terminal through a dedicated pipe network. The user can directly drink pure glycolic water after turning on the tap.

    Pipeline drinking water equipment

    Pipeline drinking water equipment

    Device parameters:

    Equipment name: Pipeline drinking water equipment
    Brand: China Blue
    Model: zl-zys001
    Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)
    Rated power: 500 (w)
    Water inlet pressure: 10 (Mpa)
    Water supply: 200 (L / h)
    Dimensions: 123 (cm)
    Voltage: 220 (V)
    Net weight: 200
    Water Quality: 12
    Custom processing: Yes

    Pipeline drinking water equipment process
    1. Pipeline drinking water system consists of two systems: water purification system and water supply pipeline system. The flow chart of the water purification process used in the direct drinking water project is as follows:
    Tap water → sand filter → carbon filter → softening → security filter → reverse osmosis → ozone → effluent

    Pipeline drinking water equipment process

    Advantages of direct drinking water equipment
    2. Adopt advanced water treatment technology to remove all harmful substances to the human body, properly retain trace elements beneficial to the human body, and long-term drinking is beneficial to health.
    3. Pipes for direct drinking water equipment use stainless steel or food-grade plastic pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes and other high-quality pipes. The pipe network is regularly disinfected to ensure pure water quality.
    4. The pipeline direct drinking water equipment system provides people with fresh, pure and healthy drinking water at all times. There is no long-term storage and the water quality is deteriorated.
    Users of piped drinking water equipment can use water by turning on the faucet at home, which avoids the trouble caused by the purchase of barreled water on the market, and the water production cost is low.

    Pipeline drinking water equipment

    Pipeline drinking water equipment

    Features of pipeline drinking water equipment
    1.Wide range of applications, quality water supply, high-quality direct drinking water system is a deep water treatment system with surface water, groundwater, tap water or quite tap water as raw water. According to different raw water and user requirements for effluent water quality, the best The water advanced treatment scheme can allow users to obtain high-quality direct drinking water, pure water, oxygen-enriched pure water, and ultra-high (pure) water with different uses and different qualities.
    2. The complete set of equipment has unique functions. The whole set of water treatment system is fully controlled and operated. The pure physical work process can remove bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and heavy metals by 100%.

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