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    Sewage treatment knowledge: knowledge of oily sewage treatment equipment

    Source: Author: Time: 2016-08-02 Views: Times

    1. Advantages of oily sewage treatment equipment

    Oily wastewater treatment equipment products use the latest technologies such as advanced jet dosing and coagulation, and high-speed jets to produce dissolved air and water by air flotation separation methods. Compared with other similar products, it has the following advantages:

    1. The chemical agent uses controlled constant ratio automatic tracking dosing, which overcomes the shortcomings of dosing agents based on experience and eliminates the old method of dosing with metering pumps, thereby ensuring the best results of flocculation, demulsification and neutralization ;

    2. The latest technology that uses high-speed jet technology to directly mix the atmosphere with water to generate dissolved water, which stabilizes the quality of the generated dissolved water and greatly improves the effect of air flotation separation. At the same time, the air compressor was eliminated, the water treatment cost was reduced, and the noise pollution of the air compressor was also avoided.

    3. The SF high-efficiency anti-blocking release is used in combination, which prolongs the air floatation time, improves the purification effect, and reduces the burden on subsequent processes. At the same time, equipment shutdowns caused by blocked releases are eliminated;

    4. The application of jet water method to manufacture dissolved gas and water technology, abolished the dissolved gas tower and changed to the pipeline dissolved gas system, making the operation simpler, safer and more reliable;

    5. The processing technology is perfect, and it has the characteristics of multiple functions of one machine. Users can choose, choose and combine various processes according to the requirements of the quality standard of recycled water.

    6. The equipment has reasonable design, compact structure, small footprint, low energy consumption, and stable treatment effect. It is an ideal economical industrial sewage treatment equipment.


    2. Application scope of oily sewage treatment equipment

    For example, a certain type of oily sewage treatment equipment series products are suitable for sewage treatment in the following industries:

    1. Emulsified oily sewage from mechanical processing and calendering industry.

    2. The cleaning of railway locomotives, vehicles and tankers contains sewage.

    3. Refinery wastewater and grease suspended matter mixed wastewater in the petrochemical industry.

    4. Ballast sewage on ships.

    5. Electroplating wastewater in electroplating industry.

    6. Sewage discharged by the compressor of the power department.

    7. Tanning wastewater in the tanning industry.

    8. Lacquer sewage in spraying industry.

    9. Comprehensive sewage from automobile, tractor and power machinery industries.

    3. Working principle and process of oily wastewater treatment equipment

    working principle:

    Grille well ----- regulating tank ----- reaction tank ----- coagulation sedimentation tank ----- air flotation separation tank ----- clear water tank ----- water

    Note: The reaction box should be equipped with a dosing system

    The sewage treatment process is as follows:

    The sewage in the sewage regulating tank is lifted to the reaction tank by the sewage pump, and the evenly stirred chemical liquid is passed from the liquid tank through the dosing flowmeter, and the dosing jet (dosing before the pump) and ( Dosing after the pump) is fully mixed with the sewage, and then the flocculation reaction is carried out in the reaction tank, so that the impurities in the sewage form larger flocculent particles and enter the air-float separation tank. The dissolved gas pump that has begun to work passes air into the flow meter at a fixed ratio through the inlet jet, dissolves in water to form dissolved gas water, and passes the dissolved gas water flow meter to adjust the flow rate and sends it to the dissolved gas releaser. Continuous release through the dissolved gas releaser, rapid decompression and energy dissipation, releasing a large number of fine bubbles, floating floc particles formed in the sewage to the water surface of the air flotation pond, scum is scraped by the slag scraper into the slag discharge tank It flows out of the machine for corresponding treatment, and the fresh water after air floatation overflows from the lower part of the air floatation separation tank to the fresh water tank for the production of dissolved water and primary discharge.


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