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    Talk about the development process of water treatment technology and sewage UV disinfection

    Source: Author: Time: 2016-07-28 Views: Times

    Conventional water treatment technology and UV disinfection method for sewage in water treatment industry

    The treatment method of "coagulation + sedimentation + filtration + ultraviolet sterilizer disinfection" can still be used and continued at present, which is a conventional treatment combination. However, in the current use process, this method cannot be used for reference. For its process combination, there must be some relative strengthening and optimization. As the price and cost of sewage ultraviolet sterilizers are reduced, it is best to use different water quality requirements. Or water source conditions, some pretreatment and advanced treatment technologies are added on the basis of sewage disinfection equipment of ultraviolet sterilizer of sewage.

    Research on Biological Pretreatment Technology and Water Disinfection Technology of Sewage Ultraviolet Sterilizer

    Through biological pretreatment technology, ammonia nitrogen and partially degradable organic matter in raw water can be completely removed. Compared with the current state of water pollution and the trend of water pollution, biological pretreatment technology can be used as an effective weapon for removing ammonia nitrogen for a long time. But at the same time, in its practical application, we also need to conduct extensive research, especially when treating algae-containing water, sewage ultraviolet disinfection for the algae outbreak treatment measures need to conduct more in-depth research.

    Combination of advanced treatment and water disinfection technology of sewage UV sterilizer

    At present, advanced water treatment technologies such as UV disinfection water disinfection technology, ozone oxidation, and ozone-activated carbon adsorption have been widely used in many developed countries, and China is still at the stage of applied research. . The author believes that with the continuous deepening of technology, this technology will not be used for a long time in China.

    Utilization of pharmaceutical treatment and UV disinfection water disinfection technology

    In terms of water treatment technology, THM3 sterilization has caused widespread concern worldwide. But as far as China is concerned, technical and economic conditions are limited, and most water plants are still disinfecting with liquid lv. As developed countries in the world continue to develop high-efficiency, low-toxic du tinctures, China is gradually moving closer to this direction. As time progresses, it will gradually limit or even eliminate the use of leaf green sterilization methods. use. In terms of treating industrial water, our pharmaceuticals will also gradually approach from toxic and toxic to non-toxic and non-toxic. The non-biodegradable pharmacy will also develop towards the easily biodegradable pharmacy. Eventually, China will From a single water treatment agent to a multi-functional agent treatment.

    Combination of membrane treatment and UV disinfection water disinfection technology

    At present, membrane treatment technology is the best choice to replace traditional water treatment technology. It is called the key technology of 21st century water treatment technology. With the pressure gradient as the driving force, the membranes are mechanically sieved by ionic, molecular and impurities in the water through the specific membrane permeability. This is the main principle of membrane treatment technology.

    High-efficiency technology such as sewage UV sterilizer

    At present, there is a severe shortage of water resources, which requires that the level of water treatment technology must be improved. Therefore, waste water recycling technology and water recycling technology will develop rapidly. The high degree of water recycling and reuse will have a very large saving effect on the water source. It can alleviate the water crisis, also meet the requirements of sustainable development and environmental protection. It can also play a role in promoting the development and expansion of the water treatment industry and moving the water industry system to a highly developed level.

    Sewage UV sterilizer combines disciplines of water quality science and water quality engineering

    With the continuous progress of the times, we will eventually create a series of related majors such as water quality science and water quality engineering. All current levels of water treatment technology and current economic conditions restrict water treatment technology. Therefore, it is likely that water shortages and worsening water pollution will occur in the near future. This will have a certain impact on China's sustainable development and will also have a corresponding water quality hazard effect. From this point of view, it is particularly important for the establishment of water science and water engineering disciplines. This discipline needs to include concepts and related content in water and water quality treatment, and to meet water quality requirements, relevant research and related solutions to various water quality treatment issues that need to be performed must be involved. The emergence of this discipline will mark a new height for China's water industry and lay an epoch-making foundation for the water industry.


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