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      Underground well water contains a large number of mineral ions, such as lead, cadmium, calcium, magnesium and other ions, and microorganisms such as bacteria and Escherichia coli have exceeded standards, and the hardness of water (referring to Ca2 + and Mg2 + in water) is very high. Long-term consumption of well water containing heavy metals and bacteria that seriously exceed the standards can cause a variety of chronic and infectious diseases (such as gastroenteritis and infectious hepatitis). In daily life, heating with hard water will cause scaling of pot layers, water heaters, solar pipes and other components. After scaling, it not only consumes about 1/3 more fuel, but also causes the heating appliances to fail to be used normally, and brings potential safety hazards. According to chemical analysis, each gram of scale will contain 12 mg of lead, 21 mg of arsenic, 44 mg of mercury, 3.4 mg of cadmium, and 24 mg of iron. The harm is very great. Gallstone disease can even cause cancer and poisoning of human organs. Long-term drinking of high hardness water is the main reason for the incidence of kidney stones and gallstones. If you wash clothes with hard water, not only will soap not foam easily and lose its ability to decontaminate, but it will also make the fibers hard and brittle, and damage the clothes. After bathing in high-hard water, the hair and skin feel tight, hurting the skin and accelerating the aging of the skin. Especially the harm to infants and young children is greater. In addition, according to surveys conducted by experts at home and abroad, the hardness of drinking water is found to be directly proportional to cardiovascular mortality.

    Well water softening treatment equipment

    The main working principle of water softening equipment is to use anions and cations to soften. Pass the raw water through the anion and cation converter to remove the calcium, magnesium, sodium and other ions in the water. The water coming out is just water molecules. Without other molecules, then scale can be effectively prevented.

    When the feed water is deep well water or the hardness of the water source is very large, the role of the water softening device is to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and reduce the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. If no water softener or water softener fails, the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane will rise sharply to form a precipitate that is difficult to dissolve in water, blocking the pores of the reverse osmosis membrane, shortening the life of the reverse osmosis membrane and increasing equipment Maintenance costs.

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