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  • Deep well water softening equipment--tap water softening equipment

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    The main working principle of water softening equipment is to use anions and cations to soften. Pass the raw water through the anion and cation converter to remove the calcium, magnesium, sodium and other ions in the water. The water coming out is just water molecules. Without other molecules, then scale can be effectively prevented.

    When the feed water is deep well water or the hardness of the water source is very large, the role of using the water softening device is to remove the calcium and magnesium ion content in the water and reduce the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. If there is no water softener or water softener failure, the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane will increase sharply to form a precipitate that is difficult to dissolve in water, blocking the pores of the reverse osmosis membrane, shortening the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane and increasing equipment Maintenance costs.


    Deep water well softening treatment equipment_well water softening water treatment program
    1. Water supply: Untreated water passes through the resin layer, and exchange reaction occurs, producing soft water.
    2. Backwash: Water enters from the lower part of the resin layer, loosens the resin and removes fine debris.
    3. Regeneration into brine: Use a higher concentration of brine (Nacl) to flow through the resin to restore the failed resin to a sodium-type resin.
    4. Flushing: According to the process of water supply, the water is washed through the resin to remove excess salt solution and regenerate the exchanged calcium and magnesium ions.
    5. Water injection: Inject water into the salt tank to dissolve the salt for the next regeneration.

    Deep water well softening treatment equipment_well water softening treatment_technical parameters
    1) The hardness of raw water is ≤6 [H +] mmol / L, that is, 300mg / L (calculated as CaCO3); when the hardness of raw water is 6-12 [H +] mmol / L, it is recommended to use two-stage softening or appropriately reduce the output of When the hardness of raw water is ≥12 [H +] mmol / L, it is recommended to use multi-stage softening or contact the company's engineering department to redesign.
    2) Water hardness: ≤0.03 [H +] mmol / L (calculated as CaCO3);
    3) Working pressure: 0.20--0.50Mpa
    4) Working temperature: 2--49 ℃;
    5) Turbidity of raw water: <5NTU;
    6) System water consumption: <2%;
    7) Water consumption <2% of water production Salt consumption <100 g / g equivalent
    8) Power consumption: 10W-40W, because no salt pump is needed, the power consumption is only 1% of the average softening equipment
    9) Working power: AC220V, 50Hz, single-phase three-wire system;
    10) Working power consumption: <10W;
    11) Periodic water production capacity: Q = V E / (I raw water-I water);
    Q: Periodic water production, m3 or t; V: Volume volume of resin, m & sup3;
    I raw water: raw water hardness, [H +] mmol / L; I effluent: required water hardness, [H +] mmol / L
    E: Working exchange capacity of resin, mmol / L, generally calculated according to 60%-70% of the total exchange capacity of the resin.

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