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    Drinking water equipment covers schools in sea salt compulsory education

    Source: Drinking Water Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-02-24 Views: Times

    Campus drinking water equipment

    School drinking fountain use scene

    覆盖海盐义务教育阶段学校, 直饮水机就像一台被施了魔法的机器,让学生们在学校喝上方便又卫生的温开水,该项政府实事工程也获得了家长、老师的一致好评。 As one of the government's practical projects for the education department of Haiyan County in 2015, since September last year, nearly 300 direct drinking water facilities have covered Haiyan compulsory education schools. The direct drinking water machine is like a magic machine, allowing students to The school drank convenient and hygienic warm boiled water, and the government's practical project also received unanimous praise from parents and teachers.
    Yesterday morning, in order to welcome the start of the new semester, Auntie Gu, a cleaning staff member of Tianning Primary School in Haiyan County, carefully wiped the school's 9 drinking fountains with a rag and water. "After the students go to school, we have to come over and wipe the outside machine every day. The students drink their stomachs, and they must ensure hygiene." Aunt Gu told reporters.
    Last September, in accordance with the requirements of the “Direct Drinking Water Project on Campus” of the Education Bureau of Haiyan County, Tianning Elementary School installed a total of 9 drinking fountains at the staircase entrances of 2 teaching buildings and 1 administrative building. The layers are filtered, purified, and heated. The temperature of the effluent is 40 C, which can be directly consumed, which meets the drinking water needs of more than 1,300 teachers and students in the school.
    What is the working principle of a straight drinking fountain, and how does it ensure health? It is reported that each of the direct drinking fountains is equipped with filtering, adsorption, oxidation, disinfection and other devices. The tap water is filtered and purified in five layers, heated and boiled, and then cooled by physical principles to keep the temperature. Adjust between 50 C.
    The reporter saw that the drinking fountain is not only healthy, but also very safe! Generally, a faucet can be used by 50 people. There is a faucet with boiling water at 100 ℃. In order to prevent students from getting burned, this faucet is locked and needs to be turned on and off by a key. If the water in the device is not boiled, warm water cannot be released. Only after the water is completely boiled and then cooled internally, can appropriate warm water be released.
    In order to ensure the safety of students' drinking water, water samples are tested at the beginning and middle of each semester. Samples are completed by qualified third-party testing agencies approved by the County Education Bureau, County Health Planning Bureau, and County Market Supervision Bureau. Inspection indicators include the total number of colonies, turbidity, color, odor and smell, visible to the naked eye, pH value, etc., and the supplier regularly maintains direct drinking water equipment and replaces filter elements, reverse osmosis membranes, etc. The county epidemic prevention department will also Perform irregular inspections on water quality safety.
    的直饮水机也更加节省成本,更为划算。 Compared with other drinking methods, direct drinking fountains as pure water equipment are also more cost-effective and more cost-effective. In the past, in addition to buying water for students to drink, barrel water in the class was the main source of drinking water in the school. "It can be counted. Our school has 28 classes. In the past, there were barrels of pure water. One class was about two barrels a day. In summer, the demand for drinking water is greater. A barrel of water costs more than ten dollars. At present, direct drinking equipment The government purchases the service, and the school only needs to pay for water and electricity to solve the problem of drinking water for six years. "Wu Weizhong, director of the General Affairs Department of Tianning Primary School, told reporters.


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