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    Drinking water can cure all diseases?

    Source: water dispensers Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-16 Views: Times

    销售网点,那里每天都会聚集小区内的老人前往听讲座,周六周日也照常进行。 Recently, a direct water dispenser sales network was opened in Hefei Power Supply Dongcun Community, where the elderly in the community are gathered every day to listen to lectures, as usual on Saturday and Sunday. 销售网点对外宣称,所销售的直饮水机里的“健康生态活化水”具有可以治疗各种疾病的功效,甚至可以治疗癌症和不孕不育。 In addition, this direct drinking water equipment sales outlet announced that the "healthy ecological activated water" in the direct drinking water machines sold has the effect of treating various diseases, and even can treat cancer and infertility. What is the effect of the water produced by the water dispenser?
    Seniors in the area lined up to receive water
    On the morning of January 19th, this water dispenser sales outlet located in Room 106, Room 10, was posted with a sign of "Health Service Center, Ecological Drinking Machine Promotion Center" on the outer wall and the wall of the courtyard.

    Community drinking water equipment

    使用场景 Community drinking water equipment usage scenarios

    In the courtyard, there are long and small empty plastic bottles and kettles lined up, and the wall in front of it is "Please consciously line up to receive water." Four or five elderly people have gathered in the courtyard.
    "Let's get drinking water here!" One of the elderly said voluntarily.
    "Everyone is standing in line to pick up the water. Is there anything special about this water?"
    "This water can cure constipation," another old man who just entered the yard ready to receive water told reporters.
    "Yes, I have been here for a while. I wash my face with this water every day, and I feel my skin is much brighter. I boiled eggs with this water, the shells peeled off well, and the powdered milk did not scoop." Standing at the water dispenser A former aunt who was picking up water said, "My son and I said the water was good. He asked him to buy this water dispenser. He didn't believe it."
    Propaganda: Water from drinking fountains can cure various diseases
    Staff introduced that the brand's eco-health straight drinking fountains were developed by their company together with the German Institute of Human Bioengineering and are qualitatively different from drinking fountains in the domestic market.

    Can a drinking fountain really cure all diseases?

    Can drinking water equipment really cure all diseases?

    The product brochure is densely covered with various functions and functions of the product. "PP fiber filtration system, American original nano KDF, AIO negative ion system, far infrared system, powerful magnetization system ..." "It is currently the only domestic direct water dispenser based on the human biological engineering health concept ..."
    It is useful and effective in brewing, cooking, gardening, fish farming, beauty, health care and other aspects of daily life. "Long-term drinking of healthy water can improve diseases such as uremia, infertility, and diabetes." It even has the effect of "cleaning the toilet kitchen with healthy water, which can disinfect, prevent mildew, and remove odors.
    Whether there are "magic" effects to be understood
    具有如此神奇的功效? What kind of home health drinking fountain has such amazing effects? Large enough to treat a variety of difficult conditions, small enough to be used for cleaning and disinfection?

    Whether direct drinking equipment has magical effects remains to be seen

    Whether direct drinking equipment has magical effects remains to be seen

    Subsequently, when the reporter called the company's phone and asked about the effectiveness of the straight drinking fountain, the staff confirmed that it has the effects of improving hypertension, alleviating stomachache, sore throat, and stomatitis.
    When asked if the water in this dispenser has the function and efficacy in the promotion, the staff member said that this is not their own work area and needs to be understood.
    No business license, suspected of false propaganda
    So, does the brand water dispenser really have such amazing effects?
    During the inspection, the person in charge of the center took out the quality inspection report of the drinking fountain, and the law enforcement officials made it clear that the report can only prove that the water in the drinking fountain is filtered water, and cannot prove that it has medical treatment and other Effect. The propaganda center was suspected of false propaganda.
    Direct drinking water is safe, impurity-free, pure water, fresh, sweet water, etc., long-term drinking is beneficial to human health, but the so-called cure is too much, and consumers should pay more attention to the quality of the product, and Not a gimmick made by a merchant.


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