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    Selection methods of sewage treatment process

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    Process index of sewage treatment equipment

    Integrated underground sewage treatment equipment

    工艺你知道吗?组合一体化地埋式污水处理设备具有以下特点: The environmental protection water treatment situation is grim and continues to develop under the promotion of national policies. Do you know how to choose a wastewater treatment process? The combined integrated underground sewage treatment equipment has the following characteristics:
    规格从每小时0.5m 0 6至30 m 0 6等,箱体采用碳钢板制做,内、外采用环氧沥青防腐,使用寿命一般可达15年以上。 1. Can be buried 2. Less sludge production 3. No impact on the surrounding environment 4. Fully automatic control, no personnel management required 5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance 6. Novel technology and good results 7. Long service life combination The specifications of the integrated underground sewage treatment equipment range from 0.5m 0.6 to 30m 0.6 per hour. The box is made of carbon steel plate, and epoxy asphalt is used for corrosion protection inside and outside. The service life is generally up to 15 More than years.
    Process description of sewage treatment equipment
    The design of the integrated and integrated underground sewage treatment equipment is mainly domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage treatment. The main treatment method is to adopt the current mature biochemical treatment technology: contact oxidation method. The equipment consists of five parts: 1. Hydrolytic acidification tank 2. Secondary contact oxidation tank 3. Sedimentation tank 4. Sludge aerobic digestion tank 5. Intermediate water (disinfection) tank.
    Process description
    1. Hydrolysis and acidification tank The purpose of the hydrolysis and acidification process is to pretreat aerobic biochemical treatment. The residence of the wastewater in the hydrolysis tank has the effect of anaerobic fermentation, which further improves and enhances the biodegradability of the wastewater, and improves the subsequent biochemical reaction rate, shortens the biochemical reaction time, reduces energy consumption and reduces operating costs.
    2. The water contacting the oxidation and hydrolysis acidification tank flows to the oxidation tank for biochemical treatment. The oxidation tank is divided into two levels. Most of the organic matter in the raw sewage is degraded and purified here. Aerobic bacteria use the filler as a carrier and use the Organic matter is food, which decomposes organic matter in the sewage into inorganic ones, thereby achieving the purpose of purification. To survive aerobic bacteria, there must be enough oxygen, that is, enough dissolved oxygen in sewage to achieve the purpose of biochemical treatment. The aerobic tank air is provided by a fan. The tank uses a new combination of biological fillers. The filler has a large surface area, long service life, easy hanging film, and corrosion resistance. A rotary mixing aerator is used at the bottom of the tank to improve the transfer rate of dissolved oxygen. At the same time, it has the advantages of light weight, no aging, easy blocking, and long service life.
    3. After the sewage from the sedimentation tank is treated by the biological contact oxidation tank, the effluent flows into the sedimentation tank to further precipitate and remove the fallen biofilm and some organic and inorganic small particles. The sedimentation tank is based on the principle of gravity. When flowing from the bottom to the top, the material is precipitated by gravity. The effluent after sedimentation in the sedimentation tank is more clear and transparent. The lower part is provided with a conical sedimentation zone and a sludge lifting device, and the sedimentary sludge is lifted to the sludge aerobic digester.
    4. The remaining sludge discharged from the sedimentation tank of the sludge aerobic digestion tank is aerobic digested and stabilized in the sludge aerobic digestion tank to reduce the volume of sludge and improve the stability of the sludge. After aerobic digestion, the amount of sludge is small. When cleaning, a manure suction truck can be extended from the inspection hole of the sludge tank to the bottom of the sludge tank for suction and then transported (cleaned once every six months).
    5. Disinfection tank and disinfection device At present, there are many disinfection methods, such as liquid chlorine method, ozone method, sodium hypochlorite method and chlorine dioxide method. Although the sodium hypochlorite method has the advantages of convenient dosing, low price, high reliability, etc., it will combine with certain organic substances in water to form carcinogenic organic halides. Chlorine dioxide is an internationally recognized broad-spectrum, fast-acting, and safe disinfectant. Its safety has been listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the fourth-generation AI-grade disinfection product. Other chlorine series disinfection products. (Sterilization equipment is separately provided according to user needs)


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