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    Underground rainwater recycling equipment process

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    Rainwater recycling equipment

    Process flow of rainwater recycling equipment system

    的作用是收集屋面、路面的雨水,经过设备处理达标后回收利用,达到帮助业主减少使用自来水水量的目的,该雨水设备处理的回收水也符合国家节能环保的要求。 The function of rainwater recycling equipment is to collect rainwater on the roof and pavement. After the equipment is processed to meet the standards, it can be recycled and used to help the owner reduce the amount of tap water. The recycled water treated by the rainwater equipment also meets the national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements.
    Main working process: After the rainwater is collected through the pipe network, it will pass through the abandonment well, and then the dirty part will be discharged to the urban sewage pipe network to reduce the equipment processing pressure and ensure the quality of the effluent water.
    The abandoned rainwater enters the storage tank. The function of the storage tank is to store rainwater during rainfall and keep the system running for a certain period of time when there is no rain. Amount of water. The treatment equipment adopts the process of sedimentation of the inclined plate in the middle of the lateral flow, and the effluent is stable and reliable, and the treatment reaches the standard of reused water in "Urban Miscellaneous Water". After reaching the standard, the water enters the clear pond, which is convenient for the owner to reuse. The reused water can be raised to the owner's reused pipe network through a high-pressure pump or a variable frequency pump.
    ◆ Design basis
    ◇ Main technical indicators of rainwater collection and utilization in rainwater treatment and reuse areas ◇ "Design Code for Water Supply and Drainage of Buildings" (GB50015-2009)
    ◇ "Technical Specifications for Rainwater Utilization in Buildings and Communities" (GB50400——2006)
    ◇ "Technical Regulations for the Application of Plastic Drainage Inspection Wells" (DGJ / T-25-2010)
    ◇ "Outdoor Drainage Design Code" (GB50014-2006)
    ◇ Code for Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline Engineering and Acceptance (GB / 50268-2008)
    ◇ "Green Building Evaluation Standards" (GB / 50378-2006)
    ◆ Design range
    The rainwater that can be collected within the scope of the project is used for green irrigation, road washing, domestic water, construction water, etc. after treatment. In the case of insufficient rainfall, consider using municipal tap water to supplement water.
    ◆ Equipment Overview
    Rainwater recycling equipment system 75 cubic meters φ3000 10000 rainwater storage tank 1 set (FRP), 75 cubic meters φ3000 10000 clean water tank 1 set (FRP), 75 cubic meters φ3000 9000 integrated processing tank 1 set (FRP) One 2.2KW fan, one 3KW regulator pump,
    One set of electric control box, one set of φ800 2800 Geshan abandoned flow well (glass fiber reinforced plastic), etc. The buried equipment does not occupy space. The effective volume is 220 * 0.75 = 165 cubic meters. Based on 2.4Kg per square meter, the green area is 165000 / 2.4 = 68750 square meters. According to each use of 1500 square meters, it can be used 4.5 times.

    Process flow of rainwater recycling equipment system

    Process flow of rainwater recycling equipment system

    ◆ Design main technical parameters
    The rainfall design recurrence period of the rainwater recycling equipment system is calculated as 1 year:
    ◇ According to the "Technical Specifications for Rainwater Utilization Engineering in Buildings and Communities" (GB50400-2006), the rainfall design recurrence period of rainwater collection and utilization projects is generally calculated as 1-2 years.
    ◇ The calculation formula of total rainwater runoff is as follows: W = 10ψchyF
    In the formula: W—— total design runoff (m3);
    ψc——Rainfall runoff coefficient, take 0.9 for runoff;
    Hy——Designed precipitation thickness (mm);
    F——catchment area (h cubic meters)
    ◆ Underground rainwater collection tank technical requirements
    Buried 75 cubic meters φ3000 10000 rainwater storage tank (FRP), 75 cubic meters φ3000 10000 clean water tank (FRP), 75 cubic meters φ3000 9000 integrated processing tank (FRP), φ800 2800 grids The well (glass fiber reinforced plastic) is isolated from the external soil by the equipment. The equipment buried under the green lawn is backfilled with fine sand water and compacted to the top of the tank, and the soil and green soil are 700 mm thick. After the brick-concrete load-bearing wall, the load-bearing wall and the equipment are backfilled with fine sand and water, the upper part is cast with 300mm thick double-layer two-way C30 reinforced concrete; the integrity and stability of the entire system is guaranteed.

    Underground rainwater recycling equipment system map

    The above picture applies to road and ground buried equipment

    Process map of underground rainwater recycling equipment

    The above picture applies to road and ground buried equipment

    Underground rainwater 8 recycling equipment system process flow map

    The above picture applies to the buried equipment under the green lawn

    Process flow map of underground rainwater recycling equipment system

    Underground rainwater recycling equipment system construction site

    ◆ Design principles
    ◇ Under the premise of economic feasibility, make full use of rainwater. The first solution is to use roof and pavement rainwater to connect drainage pipes, and the rainwater collection wells will enter the rainwater treatment and reuse system through the grid abandoned wells.
    ◇ Rainwater recycling equipment systems and devices should be fully utilized in outdoor underground space without occupying the floor area of the building; the main components of the rainwater collection process: pipeline systems, functional units (flow control system units, sedimentation filtration system units, inspection wells, etc.) and ground For buried rainwater collection tanks, components must be made of environmentally friendly non-metallic materials that are highly resistant to corrosion and can be recycled, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic. To ensure the long-term operation of the system without leakage, bonding pipes, functional units and Underground rainwater collection tanks should use high-quality finished products from the same manufacturer, and try to avoid mixing products from different manufacturers. Products should be certified by relevant domestic or international authorities.
    ◇ Electrical equipment or valves should be minimized during rainwater collection. It only depends on the gravity flow of rainwater to complete the functional processes of rainwater abandonment, filtration, sedimentation and separation. The operation has no energy consumption to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
    ◇ The daily maintenance and maintenance of rainwater system is simple, convenient and safe; it must be economical, safe and reliable during long-term operation.
    ◇ The rainwater collection and utilization system must be equipped with a ventilation system to ensure the internal and external pressure balance; the reuse port and the sewage outlet can be used for ventilation. The diameter of the ventilation duct is not less than 50mm.
    ◇ The rainwater management system strives to save investment and low operating costs, and fully integrates landscape design. By combining landscape design, the use of rainwater can save water, protect water resources, reduce the load of urban rain and flood, and improve the urban ecological environment.
    ◇ Reduce the impact on building planning and design.
    ◇ Consider the linkage with the water system, prioritize the use of rainwater and reduce operating costs.
    ◆ Selection
    ◇ Connecting pipe: Size: DN600 / 500/200/50 Material: PVC
    ◇ Combined kiln: Specification size: DN800 / 600/500 Material: brickwork ◆ Rainwater reuse process

    Rainwater recovery process

    ◆ Abandoned flow, sedimentation, filtration system unit
    An integrated well with rainwater abandonment, sedimentation and filtration is selected in the design, which has the advantages of sedimentation, abandonment and rainwater collection.

    Filter unit for rainwater recycling equipment

    ◆ System installation and later maintenance
    的安装应按照工艺要求进行,其噪声应符合现行国家标准《民用建筑隔声设计规范》GBJ118的规定。 The installation of water treatment equipment should be carried out in accordance with process requirements, and its noise should comply with the current national standard "Code for Design of Sound Insulation of Civil Buildings" GBJ118.
    ◆ Electrical control
    ◇ Adopt automatic control, dynamic rainfall and discarded flow.
    ◇ Two lift pumps (one for one use) are installed in the clear water tank, and the liquid level control is adopted.
    ◇ A water storage tank, an integrated treatment tank, and a clean water tank are respectively equipped with a sludge lift pump, and a backwash device is regularly used to remove the sludge through the sludge lift pump.
    ◇ The electric control cabinet uses the liquid level controller to automatically start and stop the pump.
    ◇ The electrical control cabinet is set in the equipment room, and the equipment room determines the location according to the site environment.
    ◇ The rainwater recycling equipment system uses small and medium-sized electrical equipment, which meets the requirements of green and low carbon.

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