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    Community drinking water equipment is loved by residents

    Source: Drinking Water Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-28 Views: Times

    现身小区。 With the increasing awareness of healthy drinking water, more and more community drinking water equipment has appeared in the community.
    Searching for "community direct drinking water equipment" on Baidu, I learned that direct drinking water is also called ready-to-sale water, because it has the advantages of "tasting better than tap water and cheaper than pure water" and is favored by many residents. 维护不到位、水质检测不透明等问题。 However, some people in other cities have reported problems such as inadequate maintenance of direct drinking fountains and opaque water quality testing.
    Drinking fountains are popular among residents
    The community direct drinking water equipment is to pass tap water through purification and sterilization purification processes to achieve the water quality standard of raw drinks. It does not require labor and stores, and covers an area of only 1 square meter to produce fresh high-quality healthy water.

    Community drinking water equipment

    Community use of drinking water equipment

    "Sometimes the tap water from the house has a strange smell, so I don't feel comfortable drinking it, so we used to buy bottled water to drink it." Ms. Ding, a resident of the community, commented on the quality of the drinking water. All of our families come here to pick up water, there is no chlorine smell, and it is slightly sweet. We all boil and drink. It tastes better than tap water and has less scale. "However, she also said that the reason to boil and drink is to drink hot water in addition to cold weather The main reason is not to worry about the water quality.
    This kind of worry is not alone for Ms. Ding. Although many residents of the community come here to receive water, there are also many reports that they are not sure about the quality of the water: "So big an" iron cabinet ", what the merchants say is what it is, and how the purified water is unclear.
    Mr. Liu, the owner who lives in the Victoria Community, is also using direct drinking water recently. "Straight drinking water is cheap. My family has been drinking barreled mineral water before, but now I use direct drinking water." It costs 8 yuan to fill water with a capacity of 17L. Now straight drinking water is 5 yuan for 1 yuan, which means that 4 yuan can be filled into 20L water. In this way, the price of direct drinking water is much cheaper.
    "It can be connected to the water at any time in 24 hours, and it is convenient and cost-effective to buy it after drinking." Some owners of Jadeite Capital said.

    Community use of drinking water equipment

    Community use of drinking water equipment

    In addition to convenience, some residents also found some hidden dangers.
    "You see, the safety protection door of the direct drinking fountain is open, no one manages it, the water outlet is exposed, and there will be a spot of water stains in it for a long time. The safety door can be opened at any time and anywhere. Get something in there, and you said that I can rest assured! "Aunt Li, a resident of Beimen Community, pointed to the drinking water equipment on the roadside.
    Water container needs careful selection
    During the visit, many owners who received water brought their own containers to fill the water. The containers were varied: in addition to the buckets dedicated to drinking fountains, there were also people carrying kettles, plastic buckets, etc.
    Compared with barreled purified water with a uniform specification, businesses cannot require owners to use a uniform water container, only uniform water quality and providing healthy and safe direct drinking water. However, secondary pollution may occur from the owner's water container to the transportation link, which is a great test for the quality of direct drinking water.

    Community use of drinking water equipment

    Community use of drinking water equipment

    Master Sun was carrying a bucket when fetching water. "This is the bucket we ordered before. After drinking, the drinking water equipment is installed in the community, which is used to hold this drinking water." He said when asked And if there are any hidden dangers, he said, "they should be washed carefully before each use, there should be no problems."
    Therefore, care must be taken in the selection of water holding tools to avoid secondary pollution easily caused during water transportation.
    Drinking fountains become new "friends" of residents
    Many residents wondered: How did the water station that directly drink water enter the community? In response, Mr. Lou, a staff member of the property, said that at the beginning, they did not think about introducing direct drinking fountains, because after all, it is direct drinking water, which involves safety and health issues. They also worry about whether water supply equipment can be maintained and supervised to ensure water quality and sanitation.
    Mr. Lou said, "The person in charge of the direct drinking water equipment in the Chengbei community passed us, and then we also solicited opinions from the industry committee. After the industry committee agreed to set up a water station in the community, a certain management fee was charged as a deposit and venue fee. "Mr. Lou also added:" When entering the community, you need to provide some procedures, such as company qualification, water quality inspection report, and certificate of automatic water dispenser, they all have, in other words, meet the conditions. "In the end, the drinking fountain became a new" friend "of the residents of the community.

    Water treatment equipment accessories

    Replacement of water treatment equipment accessories

    However, regarding the water quality problems that residents worry about, Ms. Jin said that they would come to the community every day to see the direct drinking water dispensers. As for the replacement of related internal parts based on the water output, each machine ’s water output reached 50 square meters, and the machine would automatically remind , The staff will be replaced in time.


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