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    Performance advantages of ultra-pure water equipment for chip manufacturing

    Source: ultra-pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-26 Views: Times

    Ultra-pure water equipment for chip manufacturing

    Ultra-pure water equipment for chip manufacturing

    全套系统自动化程度高,系统稳定性高。 The complete system of ultra-pure water equipment for the chip manufacturing industry has a high degree of automation and high system stability. The ultra-pure water equipment for chip manufacturing has perfect design, excellent quality, and excellent construction quality. It can effectively remove impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water. The quality of the effluent water meets the needs of the electronics industry.
    Characteristics of ultra-pure water equipment for chip manufacturing industry
    1. Imported parts are assembled for more durability.
    2. The number of films can be increased at any time to increase the throughput.
    3, self-protection system, emergency stop.
    4. The composite membrane has higher separation rate and transmission rate.
    5, high water utilization, can produce more potable water.
    6. Smaller size and smaller construction site area.
    7, fresh water can be washed to meet the membrane.
    8. The parts are more durable and need no maintenance for a long time.
    设计有膜清洗系统用阻垢系统。 9. Ultra-pure water equipment for liquid crystal displays is designed with a scale inhibition system for membrane cleaning systems.
    Advantages of ultra-pure water equipment for chip manufacturing industry
    The performance advantages of EDI water treatment devices are endless. It can continuously and stably produce ultra-pure water of excellent quality, and it will not stop operation due to resin regeneration. The equipment structure is relatively tight, so its footprint is very small, which can save a lot of space for enterprises. Ultra-pure water equipment needs to be debugged before leaving the factory, so the probability of equipment failure is small, and daily maintenance and repair operations are very simple.
    的出水水质,与此同时,超纯水制取设备废水产出量少,不会对环境造成污染,有非常高的环境效益、经济效益,其发展前景广阔。 The ultra-pure water system is also equipped with reverse osmosis pre-salting technology, which once again guarantees the effluent quality of water treatment equipment from the fundamental upwards. At the same time, the ultra-pure water production equipment has a small amount of wastewater and will not cause environmental pollution. Has very high environmental and economic benefits, and its development prospects are broad.
    The ultra-pure water equipment used in the chip manufacturing industry has good environmental protection characteristics, easy operation and use, and has been recognized by more and more enterprises. The quality of the effluent water meets the standards, and the quotation absolutely meets the requirements of the water treatment industry.

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