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    Direct drinking water equipment at Hongqiao Station

    Source: Drinking Water Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-10 Views: Times

    Drinking water equipment put into use during the Spring Festival

    Drinking water equipment at Hongqiao Station put into use during Spring Festival

    At Shanghai Hongqiao Station, bring a cup and you can drink warm water. 和净化开水间,这也是国内火车站首次提供温水直饮水。 In order to improve the Spring Festival travel environment and better serve passengers, Shanghai Hongqiao Station has set up five public drinking fountains and purified water rooms. This is also the first domestic railway station to provide warm drinking water. Allow homecomers to drink healthy straight drinking water.
    The expert in charge of the project introduced that the temperature of warm water is basically maintained at 35 C, and the temperature of normal temperature is the temperature of tap water. In winter, people feel cold, hot water is too hot, so the introduction of warm direct drinking water for the convenience of passengers drink. 采用超滤净水工艺,分正常高度和低位(小孩)出水口,常温、温水和开水三种水温,满足旅客多样化的饮水需求。 It is reported that the public direct drinking water equipment adopts ultrafiltration water purification technology, which is divided into normal height and low (kids) water outlets, three temperature of normal temperature, warm water and boiling water to meet the diverse drinking water needs of passengers.

    Direct drinking water equipment at Hongqiao Station

    Direct drinking water equipment at Hongqiao Station

    The superior department of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station said that the railway disease control center is now sampling the quality of these direct drinking water equipment to monitor the water quality. The equipment supplier is responsible for self-inspection, and the third-party inspection agency is responsible for monthly inspection.
    Since the supply of mineral water was suspended in July 2015, the railway high-speed rail stations and high-speed rail EMU trains have indeed provided boiling water, but they are still considered insufficient and monotonous. According to the current situation, during the upcoming Spring Festival transport, most high-speed railway stations and high-speed train EMU trains on the railway will still have only boiling water to drink. At the station, warm water drinking fountains are added to facilitate tourists' healthy drinking water.

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