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    Boiler softening water equipment process

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    Boiler softening water equipment process

    Process flow of softening water equipment for electric boiler

    主要用于工业及民用软化水制备,如锅炉给水、空调系统补充水,换热器,电厂,化工,纺织,生物制药,电子以及纯水系统的预处理。 Boiler demineralized water equipment is mainly used for industrial and civilian demineralized water preparation, such as boiler feedwater, air conditioning system make-up water, heat exchangers, power plants, chemical, textile, biopharmaceutical, electronics and pure water systems.
    Typical process of boiler softening water equipment:
    适用于热电厂及大中型工矿企业锅炉补给水的处理。 Pretreatment-reverse osmosis-electro deionization (EDI)-ion exchange desalination pretreatment-reverse osmosis equipment pretreatment-reverse osmosis-ion exchange desalination high pressure boiler make-up water treatment equipment is suitable for boiler make-up water in thermal power plants and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises Processing. Using the world's most advanced reverse osmosis membrane element, pressure vessel and other equipment, equipped with reasonable and pre-treatment and post-treatment equipment, can produce water that meets the high-pressure boiler make-up water standards in the power industry. The control system adopts industrial computer program control, which can realize automatic start and stop, dosing and flushing, and automatically monitor various operating parameters for production management.

    Boiler demineralized water equipment performance:
    Imported low-roll composite reverse osmosis membrane with high desalination rate and low operating pressure, excellent water quality, low operating cost and long service life
    High efficiency and low noise.
    Imported online water conductivity meter of raw water and product water, PH meter can monitor water quality at any time.
    Imported online product water and concentrated water flow meters can monitor product water volume and system recovery rate at any time.
    Equipped with automatic cycle cleaning system for cleaning after membrane contamination.
    The quick flush valve flushes the membrane surface at regular intervals, reducing the rate of membrane contamination and extending the life of the membrane.

    Operating parameters of boiler demineralized water equipment:
    Single machine output: 10M3 / h-120M3 / h
    Desalination rate: 98% of reverse osmosis system
    Operating pressure: 1Mpa-1.5Mpa
    Recovery rate: 75% -80%

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