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    Water quality standard for boiler demineralized water equipment

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    Water quality standard for boiler demineralized water equipment

    水质标准 Water quality standard for boiler demineralized water equipment

    水质标准适用于额定出口蒸汽压力小于等于2.5MPa,以水为介质的固定式蒸汽锅炉和汽水两用锅炉也适用于以水为介质的固定式承压热水锅炉和常压热水锅炉。 This boiler water softening equipment water quality standard applies to rated outlet steam pressure less than or equal to 2.5 MPa. Water-based fixed steam boilers and steam-water dual-use boilers are also applicable to water-based fixed pressure hot water boilers and atmospheric pressure. Hot water boiler.
    First, the feed water of steam boiler and steam-water boiler should generally be treated with chemical water outside the boiler. 1. The basic unit of hardness mmol / L is c (1 / 2Ca2 +, 1 / 2Mg2 +).
    2.The basic unit of basicity mmo1 / L is c (OH-, 1 / 2CO2-3, HC03-);
    3. When the rated evaporation of the boiler demineralized water treatment device is greater than or equal to 6t / h, oxygen should be removed. If a boiler with a rated evaporation of less than 6t / h is found to have local corrosion, oxygen removal measures should be taken for the feedwater. The oxygen content of the feedwater should be less than or equal to 0.05mg / L;
    4. If it is difficult to measure the dissolved solids, you can use the method of measuring conductivity or chloride ions to control indirectly, but the relationship between the dissolved solids and the conductivity or the ratio of chloride ions should be determined according to the test. The ratio relationship should be retested and corrected regularly;
    5. The relative alkalinity of fully welded boilers may not be controlled.
    2. Steam boilers and steam-water boilers with a rated evaporation capacity of less than or equal to 2 tons per hour and a rated steam pressure of less than or equal to 1.0 MPa can also be treated by adding chemicals in the boiler. However, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the scale, corrosion and water quality of the boiler, and do a good job of adding medicine, sewage and cleaning.
    3. The feed water of pressure hot water boiler should be treated outside the boiler. For non-pipe-frame pressure hot water boilers and normal pressure hot water boilers with rated power less than or equal to 4.2MW, in-pot chemical treatment can be used. Strengthen the supervision of scaling, corrosion and water quality, and do a good job of adding medicine.
    1.The water quality indicators of waste heat boilers and electric heating boilers should meet the requirements of boilers of the same type and parameters;
    2.The pH value of the demineralized water of Shenyang boiler is controlled to 10 to 12 by adding chemicals;
    3. The feedwater of pressured hot water boilers with a rated power of 4.2MW or more should be deaerated, and the feedwaters of pressured hot water boilers and normal pressure hot water boilers with a rated power of less than 4.2MW should be deaerated as much as possible;
    4. The feed water of the once-through boiler shall be treated with chemical water outside the boiler. The water quality shall be in accordance with the standard steam pressure in Table 1 of greater than 1.6Mpa and less than or equal to 2.5Mpa.

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