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    Competitive advantage between purified water equipment and bottled water

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-25 Views: Times

    Competitive advantage between purified water equipment and bottled water

    时依然有不少困惑:同样的功能,价格相差好几倍,哪个更安全? With the improvement of living standards, tap water is always uneasy to use, and more and more citizens demand higher drinking water quality, but citizens still have a lot of confusion when purchasing pure water equipment : the same function, the price is several times different , Which is safer? 合适? More credible? Is it better to buy bucket water or is it appropriate to buy water purification equipment ?
    Some experts said that because there is no unified national standard for purified water equipment, the current water purification equipment market is mixed, and after-sales services are not perfect. In this case, the use of water purification equipment is prone to secondary pollution, and heavy metals are exceeded. Domestic or even imported Water purifiers have often exploded in quality, high profit, after-sales, materials, and heavy metal problems over the years. Barreled water has been relatively stable in quality and price for the past 20 years. Especially natural (mineral) spring water has always been recognized internationally. The most healthy drinking water. However, the ads of water purifier manufacturers quickly covered consumers' lives, and the voice of natural and healthy drinking water advocated by water industry experts was very weak.
    的经销商常常在各地论坛、宣传广告中采用不正当的手法,诋毁自来水、桶装水和天然(矿)泉水,有的号称能将自来水变成离子水、活性水,也能变成矿泉水、纯净水,另外,经净水设备净化的自来水还具有美容、降血糖、改善高血脂、降血压等各种功效……路边的“自来水重金属实验”等等净水器商家的虚假宣传甚至够得上欺诈消消费者。 Most of the current water purification equipment vendors promote their "powerful functions". In order to compete for the market, distributors of direct drinking equipment often use improper methods in forums and promotional advertisements in various places to discredit tap water, bottled water and natural (mineral) spring water. Some are known to be able to turn tap water into ionized water and active water, as well as mineral water and purified water. In addition, tap water purified by water purification equipment also has various functions such as beauty, lowering blood sugar, improving hyperlipidemia, and lowering blood pressure. Efficacy ... False propaganda by water purifier vendors such as the "tap water heavy metal experiment" on the roadside is even enough to defraud consumers.
    Unlike the traditional home appliance market, the pure water equipment industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and large and extra large enterprises have not yet formed. The market is mixed. At present, there are more than 1,000 water purifier companies in China that have relevant approvals from the Ministry of Health. There are more than 2,000 unlicensed companies, only one-third of which are regular. The latter arbitrarily lowered the market price in order to gain market share, causing some unqualified products to flow into the market, disrupting market order and violating consumers. rights and interests.
    Even imported regular brand water purifiers have experienced frequent safety issues in recent years. On June 11, 2011, the Ministry of Health issued an announcement saying that 8 companies including 3M (full name Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company), Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Liyang and other well-known foreign brands have 11 models of water purifiers in Health and safety sampling inspections have problems such as excessive arsenic, excessive total number of colonies, and unacceptable organic removal rates.
    Pure water equipment has no normative standards, and its quality is difficult to certify. It is more likely to cause secondary pollution and excessive heavy metals than straight drinking fountains. Although our national water purification equipment has been produced for more than 20 years, there have been no mandatory norms and standards. Only National standards for "reverse osmosis water purifiers" and "ultrafiltration membrane water purifiers" have plans, and they are still in the "drafting stage", and no plans have been made for completion time; for example, some companies have promoted the use of high-tech filter membranes. Actually, consumers have no way of knowing or authenticating. The water purification effect depends on the quality of the filter membrane. First, the pores are not small enough, and the second is not uniform enough. If it is small enough but uneven, there are some heavy metals. It can still penetrate, and there is no exact index on the quality of the purified water. It is just a measurement of the conductivity.
    In the use of water purifiers, after-sale is not timely and easily leads to secondary pollution exceeding heavy metals. After all, the amount of water used by each household is limited. Most of the time, the faucet is tightened. If water purification equipment is installed, the water will become dead water. Adding impurities accumulated in the tap water, it is very easy to breed bacteria and viruses to cause pollution. In most household direct drinking water equipment, the water is stationary most of the time, and the water molecular links are relatively tight, which is not easily absorbed by the human body. Of course, the user can clean or replace the filter element in time, but because there is no professional testing equipment, only 100 cups are qualified. You may drink 105 cups at a time and it is difficult to grasp the timing.
    In addition to drinking water, the purpose of citizens' purchase of pure water equipment is to save money. "It is always cheaper than buying bottled water" is their unanimous idea. Is this really the case? Due to the fact that domestic regular brand water purifiers are only one third, many users report that after installing miscellaneous brand water purifiers, they often receive calls from businesses to remind them to replace the filter element, and some even receive it once every half a month. If the merchant claims not to change the filter element, , Tap water will produce toxic substances such as nitrite. Water purifier merchants frequently require consumers to exchange filter cartridges to obtain long-term high profits. In fact, the cost of a filter cartridge is only two yuan to several yuan, and consumers generally charge tens to hundreds of yuan. Some even cost a few thousand yuan. Some consumers reluctantly said that in order to drink the assured water, they had to fall into the bottomless pit for core replacement. And these businesses are all left to make a profit, and the quality of the water purifier itself is difficult to guarantee.
    The quality of drinking water produced by a regular bucket or bottled water manufacturer every dozens, millions, or even tens of millions of water-making equipment is safer than those of the mini-type symbolic filters, and even without water discharge. The national standard strictly stipulates the technical requirements, inspection rules, signs, and packaging of barrels, bottled water and products, and transportation and storage requirements. There are more than 100 water quality inspection items alone. The water source protection range is from 15m to several kilometers. Production conditions And equipment must be certified by national departments, pc empty barrels must be QS certified, regular manufacturers use dedicated empty barrels to prevent the existence of black barrels.
    Natural (mineral) spring water is the best drinking water recommended by world health experts! Natural (mineral) spring water is the gift of nature to human beings. The time for natural (mineral) spring water to circulate and purify in the deep underground is at least ten years, hundreds of years, and even tens of thousands of years. Generally, the age is relatively long. Natural (mineral) spring water is a precious "heritage" of the long process of change in nature. Drinking natural (mineral) spring water has health value because it contains a variety of different chemical components and trace elements. It is an ideal supplement for human trace elements. It contains balanced minerals that are suitable for the needs of the human body. It is super healthy. Drinking water, in today's increasingly serious pollution of surface water and shallow groundwater, natural mineral water that is uncontaminated and contains a variety of trace elements and chemical components that are beneficial to human health is even more valuable. At present, in order to protect mineral water resources and prevent over-exploitation, China has no longer approved new natural (mine) spring water mining licenses, and natural (mine) spring water has become increasingly precious.
    We comprehensively let consumers truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of barreled water and water purifiers. In summary, no matter from the perspective of saving money or health, buying water purification equipment is not as good as buying barreled water.

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