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    Process description of ultrapure water equipment purification method

    Source: ultra-pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-15 Views: Times

    Process description of ultrapure water equipment purification method

    Process description of ultrapure water equipment purification method

    During the production of chips for the electronics and semiconductor industries, extremely pure ultrapure water is often used. If the quality of pure water does not meet the requirements of production process water or the water quality is unstable, it will affect the treatment effect and service life of subsequent processes. In addition, waste water is generated during wafer cleaning and mechanical milling, causing environmental pollution.
    Use ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, EDI and nuclear-grade ion exchange systems to produce ultra-pure water that meets your needs. And the wastewater generated in the production process is treated and recycled by the membrane system, which greatly reduces the water consumption in the electronics and semiconductor industries and reduces the production cost.
    The microelectronics industry includes electrolytic capacitor production, electron tube production, picture tube and cathode ray tube production, black and white picture tube fluorescent screen production, liquid crystal display production, transistor production, integrated circuit production, and new electronic material production processes. All require industrial ultrapure water . Traditional chemical and media filtration methods for the production of ultrapure water will result in the instability of water production due to various factors such as the addition of various chemical agents to the water and the lengthy preparation process, which cannot ensure long-term, stable ultrapure water.
    从传统的阳离子交换器、脱碳、阴离子交换器、复合离子交换器等发生了一次革命,从此进入了一个无需再生化学品的时代。 The "physical" purification method (ultrafiltration → reverse osmosis → EDI → polishing mixed bed) has revolutionized ultrapure water equipment from traditional cation exchangers, decarburization, anion exchangers, and composite ion exchangers. It has entered an era of no need for renewable chemicals. The purity of industrial pure water produced by the membrane method can reach 18MΩ CM, and the system is stable and has a long service life, and the waste water produced in the production process can be reused for regeneration.

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