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    Growth point of pure water equipment market has shifted

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-02-17 Views: Times

    Growth point of pure water equipment market has shifted

    Growth point of pure water equipment market has shifted

    行业爆发式增长,大批厂商蜂拥入城市市场,而此时一些嗅觉敏锐的加盟代理商已看到了农村、乡镇市场的大蛋糕。 With the explosive growth of the water purification equipment industry, a large number of manufacturers are swarming into the urban market, and at this time, some affable agents have seen the big cakes in the rural and township markets. 市场增长点将从城市转移到农村、乡镇。 According to the market forecast of industry organizations, in the next 10 years, due to the saturation of the urban market, rising operating costs, and accelerated urbanization, the growth point of China's pure water equipment market will shift from cities to rural areas and towns.
    The market potential of rural pure water equipment is unlimited. Whoever seizes the opportunity can grasp the lifeblood of wealth!
    1. Growth rate of economic development Since the construction of the “Village-to-Village” rural road construction in 2008, the state attaches great importance to the sustainable development of rural and township economy, and the process of urbanization has gradually accelerated. The living standards of rural and township residents have generally improved. From the perspective of consumption, It has also greatly stimulated the water purification equipment market. Rural villages and towns have become the "fighting place" for many water purification equipment agent franchisees.
    2. Aggravated environmental pollution Along with the growth of economic development, a large number of industries have moved inward, waste water and sewage discharged indiscriminately have caused serious water pollution in rural towns and villages, and the drinking water safety of the general population has been increasingly threatened.
    3. Health consciousness is improved. Economic development and the deteriorating water environment are forcing people to continuously improve their health consciousness. People have realized the importance of safe and pure drinking water to health, and are no longer willing to use their bodies as filters, after all, health is priceless.
    4. Economic capacity allows the economy to be better, people ’s living standards have improved, and there is enough economy to buy household water purifier products. On the other hand, water purification equipment technology is changing with each passing day, costs are also steadily decreasing, and prices are returning to the level of mass consumption. Has become a regular household appliance that everyone can afford.
    5. Popular water purification equipment For the past few years, water purification equipment has been in the mainstream of the first- and second-tier mainstream markets as a luxury product. Today, water purification equipment has gradually become a popular product that can be bought by every household, and the price is civilian. It has created favorable conditions for the popularization of water purification equipment in rural and township markets, and is generally accepted by residents.
    6. Children's respect for the elderly Water purification equipment is becoming more and more popular in the city. More and more people recognize and understand the benefits of water purification equipment. Children who work in the city will also think about buying for parents and elderly people in rural townships. The water purifier is not only a manifestation of filial piety, but also makes people in rural areas feel the ever-changing feelings brought by urban technology.

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