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    Membrane technology helps wastewater treatment

    Source: Author sewage treatment equipment: the blue Time: 2016-01-13 Views: Times

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    市场前景广阔,是未来发展主流。 The market of reverse osmosis membrane has broad prospects and is the mainstream of future development. The reverse osmosis method has developed rapidly in the past 30 years due to its advantages of energy saving and small investment, and has become the most widely used technology in the world. The advantages of China's membrane technology in terms of environmental protection, energy saving and substitution of traditional industries have been continuously reflected, and its development has also received great attention from various countries. With the development of the sewage treatment industry, this emerging reverse osmosis science will also play an important role in the future development of science and technology and play a greater role.
    In 2013, China's per capita renewable water resources were only 2,072.37 cubic meters, which is relatively backward compared to other countries. Water shortages and serious water pollution are urgent issues facing China's water environment. With the continuous introduction of policies on total water resources control and water rights trading, the market is increasingly aware of the importance of water resources.
    In addition to the wide application of reverse osmosis in water treatment, it has been widely used in many disciplines and fields such as chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and gas separation, especially with the development of membrane technology. Its potential application fields will continue to expand. This emerging reverse osmosis science will play an important role in the future development of science and technology and play a greater role.
    制造行业2001年度销售收入估计已达到80亿人民币。 The sales revenue of the ultra-pure water equipment manufacturing industry related to reverse osmosis technology in 2001 has been estimated to reach 8 billion yuan. Marked that the reverse osmosis equipment manufacturing and ultrapure water preparation industry has become a member of the domestic high-speed sustainable development industry. In Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Huzhou, Xi'an and other places, there have emerged a number of professional enterprise groups focusing on RO membrane technology as product agents, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and supporting product production.
    After nearly a decade of rapid development in this industry, the advantages of China's membrane technology in environmental protection, energy saving, and substitution of traditional industries have been continuously reflected, and its development has also received great attention from various countries. China has become the world's third largest reverse osmosis membrane market after North America and Europe. It is the world's most promising market for reverse osmosis membranes and a focal area for competition among international manufacturers of reverse osmosis membranes.
    The wastewater treatment equipment industry chain as a whole benefits from China's 12th Five-Year Water Treatment and water price rise. More people and less water, and uneven spatial and temporal distribution of water resources are innate disadvantages, while water pollution and aggravated aquatic ecology are blamed on the outgrowth of growth and mismanagement in the day after tomorrow. Without affecting the supply of water resources, controlling pollution, protecting and maximizing the use of existing resources are the main ways to ensure the security of water supply.
    产业链的发展前景看好。 Among them, the increase in water prices, pipe network construction, standard upgrading and regeneration water utilization will all become the expected growth drivers in the field of water services. The future of China's sewage treatment equipment industry chain is promising. The total investment demand for industrial wastewater pollution treatment during the 12th Five-Year Plan period is about 125 billion yuan. The industrial wastewater treatment sub-industry has accelerated its development, the benefits of membrane water treatment projects have been upgraded and the recycled water market has exploded.
    It is predicted that China's population will reach 1.6 billion in 2030, when per capita water resources will be only 1750 cubic meters, and the total water consumption is expected to be 700 billion to 800 billion cubic meters. The demand for water supply capacity will increase by 130 billion to 230 billion cubic meters. The actual amount of available water resources in the country is close to the upper limit of reasonable use. Therefore, it is imperative to develop new water resources such as desalination. At present, reverse osmosis membrane is the most economical and clean method. In addition, in recent years, the discharge of wastewater and sewage in China has increased at a rate of 1.8 billion tons per year. The daily discharge of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage in the country is nearly 164 million tons, of which about 80 are directly discharged into waters without treatment. It can be seen that the demand for membrane application in environmental protection water treatment in China will be very large, and this field will become the field with the greatest growth potential of the water industry.
    With its advantages of energy saving and small investment, infiltration method has developed rapidly in the past 30 years and has become the most widely used technology in the world. Countries such as the United States and Japan began to increase research on the core membrane components of the reverse osmosis system in the 1980s, and made a series of progress, becoming the fastest developing area for reverse osmosis. With the continuous improvement of membrane materials and the decline of membrane prices, reverse osmosis will become the mainstream technology for future development.
    Under the circumstance of limited environmental carrying capacity, as the environmental quality improvement assessment targets are further advanced, the emission standards will also become stricter. In the future, it will be a general trend to expand the scope of the special emission limit. Promotion.


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