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    Miscellaneous fish purification equipment industry

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-12 Views: Times

    Mixed fish and water equipment market

    Mixed fish and water equipment market

    行业协会秘书长顾久传告诉记者,目前全国有4000余家净水器生产企业,但其中的近3000家都没有卫生批件,大量的手工作坊生产的假冒伪劣净水器不仅无法起到洁净用水的作用,还可能会严重危害人体健康。 Gu Jiuchuan, secretary general of Jiangsu Water Purification Equipment Industry Association, told reporters that there are currently more than 4,000 water purifier manufacturers in the country, but nearly 3,000 of them have no sanitary approvals. A lot of counterfeit and inferior water purifiers produced by hand workshops are not only Can not play the role of clean water, may also seriously harm human health.
    "Some water purifiers, fake and shoddy products, some activated carbon contains arsenic, which is the arsenic in arsenic; others we found ceramic particles, and the ordinary people said that I had energy, so I went to test and found radioactive substances inside. , These contaminated things will dissolve into the water, causing water pollution. "

    Letter from Sanitary Supervision of Water Purification Equipment

    Letter from Sanitary Supervision of Water Purification Equipment Industry in Jiangsu Province

    So, since there are so many inferior water purifiers on the market, why is it difficult to effectively monitor them? 产品的黑窝点,但依照现行的处罚依据,最多只能对这些非法生产经营者处以3万元的罚款,威慑力不足。 Xu Yiping, director of the Second Division of the Jiangsu Provincial Health Supervision Institute, told reporters that in fact, the Jiangsu Provincial Health Supervision Institute cracked down on the illegal production and operation of water purifiers last year. In Suzhou, Changzhou, and Yangzhou, a large number of illegal black water equipment products were investigated and punished. The dens, but according to the current punishment basis, at most these illegal production operators can be fined 30,000 yuan, the deterrent power is insufficient.
    "Now we (enforcement) are based on the State's" Measures for the Supervision and Management of Drinking Water Sanitation ", which was formally promulgated and implemented in early 1997. It has been nearly two decades and has not been revised. Our current economic level is not very corresponding, (the amount of punishment) is relatively low. "
    Xu Yiping also pointed out that through joint enforcement with industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments, the quality of water purifiers sold in some large supermarkets and shopping malls is relatively guaranteed. Rarely there are no sanitary approvals or false approvals. Commercial platforms have increasingly become the new soil for counterfeit and inferior water purifiers. Law Enforcement Officers of the Jiangsu Provincial Health Supervision Institute:
    "Some unlicensed illegal products are sold on some large e-commerce platforms without certification. We understand that there are some products that are very strict. Commodity merchants need to provide certificates, including product inspection reports. Some of them It's not so strict. "
    Xu Yiping said that the Jiangsu Provincial Health Supervision Institute is also preparing to negotiate with major e-commerce platforms to improve the access standards for pure water equipment products and jointly conduct effective supervision. According to the Jiangsu Water Purification Equipment Industry Association, they are also formulating new industry standards to reverse the current mixed situation in the pure water equipment market.

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