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    Why the rural sewage treatment equipment "sun"

    Source: Author sewage treatment equipment: the blue Time: 2016-02-15 Views: Times

    Increasing "sun exposure" in rural sewage treatment equipment

    “晒太阳”现象越来越多 Increasing "sun exposure" in rural sewage treatment equipment

    市场“分蛋糕”的行列。 Nowadays, more and more environmental protection enterprises have joined the ranks of the "slice cake" of the rural sewage treatment equipment market. Wen Yibo said, "In the past, no one was willing to make village and town sewage. The main reason was that the lack of matching process technology led to excessive construction and operating costs and low profits. After several years of exploration and development, the technology is no longer It is the current obstacle to the development of sewage in China's villages and towns. What is really lacking are supporting policies, regulatory systems, financial subsidies, technical assessments and professional talents. "
    Wang Wenjun agreed with Wen Yibo's statement. He said that the laws and provisions on rural environmental pollution are almost blank, the legislation is too principled, and the law enforcement mechanism is not perfect; relying on state subsidies and "rewarding governance with rewards" policy support, which is mainly used for facility construction, and there is no subsequent operating costs Sources: There is no clear technical route and management mode for rural life pollution control, etc., which leads to subsidized projects "sun exposure".
    Funding is a core factor. 费用偏少;补贴环节不合理,重建设轻管理。 Wen Yibo said that the current central financial guidance is not enough. There is no special fund for village and town sewage. The existing funds for comprehensive improvement of the rural environment are used to reduce the cost of sewage treatment in villages and towns. Local financial burdens are heavy, construction costs are tens of millions of yuan, operating costs are millions of yuan per year, and townships are burdened. Even towns and towns with good economic conditions are struggling, not to mention that most of the current collective economic income is meager. Residents have difficulty collecting fees. Rural areas have been enjoying welfare services for a long time, and payment habits have not yet been formed. It is more difficult for young people to go out to work and charge left-behind elderly people.
    。 According to statistics, there are 52 kinds of rural sewage treatment technologies in China, with a wide variety, and many sets of urban sewage treatment technologies are used . Wen Yibo said that there are many technologies, and the sewage discharge standards in rural and villages are not uniform. Not only are they difficult to implement in local areas, but if they are too loose, they cannot fundamentally solve environmental problems. "For example, Beijing's village A level discharge standards have been stricter than the national first level discharge standards, which are equal to the fourth category of surface water. To meet such standards, the price of water treatment per ton should be 5-10 yuan. In some economically underdeveloped areas, It is impossible to pay. Zhejiang is the most lenient. Zhejiang ’s first-level emission standards are between the national first-level B and second-level emissions, and it is difficult to solve the pollution problem. "
    In addition, there is a serious shortage of management and professional and technical personnel in China. 60% of the townships and villages have only one village and township sewage treatment equipment and facility manager; the technical staff employed have low incomes, poor working conditions, and are in a state of worry. "If the above problems are not resolved, the phenomenon of 'sun exposure' in sewage treatment equipment and facilities in villages and towns in China will increase, and the waste of investment and construction will become increasingly serious." Wen Yibo said.

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