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    Ten advantages of ultra pure water equipment for photovoltaic industry

    Source: ultra-pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-07 Views: Times

    Ultra pure water equipment for photovoltaic industry

    Ten advantages of ultra pure water equipment for photovoltaic industry

    主要是有机械过滤器、 活性炭过滤器 、软化器和精密过滤器组成的预处理系统,主要的设备有反渗透设备、EDI模块。 The ultra-pure water equipment for the photovoltaic industry is mainly a pretreatment system consisting of mechanical filters, activated carbon filters , softeners and precision filters . The main equipment is reverse osmosis equipment and EDI modules. The core technology used in traditional ultra-pure water equipment is a mixed bed of yin and yang. The advent of EDI technology has replaced the application of mixed beds. Ultra-pure water treatment equipment for the photovoltaic industry has high effluent quality and more stable operation.
    十大优点 Ten advantages of ultra pure water equipment for photovoltaic industry
    1. No need for acid-base regeneration: the operation of electric desalination is safe, and the wastewater treatment becomes simple.
    2. Continuous production: The production of electric desalination is continuous, eliminating the complicated regeneration operation in the mixed bed process, and reducing a lot of spare equipment.
    3. No need to deal with waste acid and alkali: There is no neutral acid discharge treatment system for waste acid and alkali. The concentrated desalted water can be discharged directly or returned to the inlet of the RO.
    4. The installation conditions are simple: when the electric desalination is installed, the floor space is small and the plant can be satisfied. For the lower plant, it can be solved by the horizontal configuration of the electric desalination module.
    5. Simple system design: The module design of electric desalination can easily make its flow rate reach 100 tons / hour or even higher.
    6. Low operating cost: Compared with various mixed beds, the electric desalination system is competitive in price.
    7. Practical design: For the electric desalination system, it is easy to maintain or increase or decrease the capacity of the equipment. When the membrane stack has to be replaced, it can be done on site with minimal downtime.
    8. Easy installation and maintenance: The electric desalination device allows the maintenance of a certain membrane stack to be achieved by reallocating the flow of other membrane stacks without changing the performance of the system.
    9. Stable water quality: The quality of the effluent from the electric desalting is stable and reliable. There will be no water quality changes like ordinary mixed beds.
    10. Standard design: Ultra-pure water equipment for the photovoltaic industry uses standard units, and the combination like building blocks can meet the needs of users with different water production.

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