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    How to determine if water purification equipment should be installed at home

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-06 Views: Times

    With the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements for food safety at home have become more and more obvious, and water purifiers have become the choice of many families. 产品种类众多,品牌多样,如何选择合适的产品也成了一个让人头疼的问题,家中如何选择优质净水设备产品,也是考量的一个重点。 There are many types of pure water equipment products and diverse brands. How to choose the right product has also become a headache. How to choose high-quality water purification equipment products at home is also a focus of consideration.

    Should install pure water equipment in the home

    Should water purification equipment be installed in the home

    Judgment: Do you need a water purifier in your home?
    With different family environments, provinces, and living conditions, the water quality of each family is different. Therefore, before installing a water purifier, we need to determine whether there is a need to install pure water equipment in the home. Most residents in Shanghai, for example, will directly drink barreled pure water in their homes. Compared with tap water, they only need to meet daily washing needs, and most in the south. The main habit of cities is to boil water and drink water, so the installation of water purifiers is also different.
    We can generally measure the water quality in the home from the aspects of residual chlorine content, tap water hardness, and PH value. The tap water in our country adopts the method of purification of chlorine gas. At the same time, when it is connected to the residential water terminal, impurities in the pipeline will merge into the water, resulting in Heavy metals and chemical element impurities appear in water. Generally speaking, if the water quality in the measurement home is neutral and long-term boiling vessels are not prone to scale, the water quality is generally good, and no special water purifier is needed. On the other hand, if scale accumulation is serious, you need to install a clean Water equipment.
    Choice: Which water purification equipment product to choose?
    There are various types of water purification products on the market, and we choose differently according to our own needs. For households that generally only require drinking water safety, choosing ordinary filtration and purification water dispensers or water purifiers is sufficient.
    If you want to use pure water purity for all kinds of water in the home, including bathing, you can use the intervention of water home improvement in the early stage of decoration. Water home improvement installation of water purification equipment at key nodes in the room, water purification and tap water categories. Users can use clean water to cook rice, take a bath, and use the filtered wastewater to flush toilets to wash clothes. However, the overall investment in water home improvement is greater than that of water purifiers. Larger and later maintenance costs are high, suitable for high-end decoration home use.

    Should install pure water equipment

    Should install water purification equipment

    Optional: How to choose the right water purifier?
    多种,而其中以RO反渗透膜净化最为彻底,使用也最广泛,但滤膜品质也直接影响使用寿命和过滤效果。 The purchase of water purifiers needs to start with filter membranes. Generally, the filter membranes of water purifiers can be divided into ultrafiltration membranes, nanofiltration membranes, and RO reverse osmosis membranes . Among them, RO reverse osmosis membranes are the most thorough for purification. It is also the most extensive, but the quality of the filter membrane also directly affects the service life and filtration effect.
    Secondly, the choice of water purifier also needs to start according to the installation location and conditions. Choosing the difference between upper and lower kitchen styles, appearance and filter life, and whether there are additional functions such as expiration reminders are also important conditions for measuring purchase.

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