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    Please give your loved one a glass of trusted water

    Source: water purification equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-01-06 Views: Times

    People can live for 4-6 weeks without meals, and people can live up to 7 days without drinking water. Human dependence on and attention to "water" has been an eternal topic. 源的呼声也愈加强烈。 In today's China, while the economy is developing at a high speed, water pollution is spreading all over the country, and people ’s desire for pure water is becoming stronger. 已经成为越来越多普通家庭饮水的必购设备。 Water purification equipment has become a must-buy equipment for more and more ordinary household drinking water.
    Let's take a look at the disadvantages of other drinking methods and the advantages of water purification equipment.
    After the tap water is boiled, the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial carcasses cannot be removed.

    Is water purification equipment really important?

    自来水经氯气消毒后,可以杀灭病毒、细菌,但无法去除水垢、重金属、挥发性物质等,而且病毒和细菌也依然存在。 Pollution 1: After tap water is disinfected by chlorine gas, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it cannot remove scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, and viruses and bacteria still exist. And after chlorine poisoning, there will be residual chlorine in the water;
    自来水经管道长途运送后,易受二次污染,铁锈、泥沙、细菌等会再次对自来水的水质造成影响,特别是对于高层住宅来说,因为要进行二次加压,所以楼顶一般都有水箱,这种水箱会使入户的自来水被泥沙、铁锈、细菌等污染; Pollution 2: After the long-distance transportation of tap water through the pipeline, it is susceptible to secondary pollution. Rust, sediment, bacteria, etc. will once again affect the water quality of the tap water, especially for high-rise residential buildings. There are usually water tanks at the top, this kind of water tank will make the household tap water polluted by sand, rust, bacteria, etc .;
    Most people boil tap water before drinking, but boiling water can only solve the problem of bacteria, not the pollution problems of sediment, rust, scale, heavy metals, etc. The quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved.
    Bottled water dispensers have high cost, short validity period, and are more susceptible to secondary pollution.

    Is water purification equipment really important?

    桶装水成本高,桶装水一桶约为7——10元不等,成本较高,这种水还有相当大的比例是一些小作坊用大型净水器或者纯水机加工的自来水,极难分辨。 Disadvantage 1: The cost of barreled water is high, and the cost of barreled water is about 7-10 yuan. The cost is relatively high. A large proportion of this water is used by some small workshops for large water purifiers or pure water machines. The processed tap water is extremely difficult to distinguish.
    存在安全隐患。 Disadvantage 2: There are hidden dangers. Many exposed pollution problems, such as "black heart water", "black heart bucket" and "secondary pollution", flood the barrel water industry.
    使用不甚方便,须电话预约、等候。 Disadvantage 3: It is not convenient to use, you must make an appointment by phone and wait.
    Bottled water is extremely expensive and is not suitable for daily household use.

    Is water purification equipment really important?

    Bottled water is classified as daily water by a few wealthy households, but this method is too costly and may not be as effective as a water purifier.
    With water purification equipment, it can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants and reach the standard of raw drinks, and the cost is relatively low. Water purification equipment is a pure physical filtration method, which can effectively remove all kinds of pollutants, such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, scale (multi-purpose calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sediment, etc., the water outlet taste is good and safe And healthy!
    Comparison of filter element before and after use:

    Is water purification equipment really important?

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    Starting this month, “New National Standard” for packaged drinking water

    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment


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