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    Development status of sewage treatment in China

    Source: Author sewage treatment equipment: the blue Time: 2015-12-28 Views: Times

    Development status of sewage treatment

    Development status of sewage treatment plant

    The economic development of any country in the world will promote social progress, increase the production capacity of industry and agriculture, and further improve people's lives, but it will also bring different levels of environmental pollution. Sewage is also one of the sources of environmental pollution. The emergence of this pollution source has attracted the attention of governments around the world, and the topic of treating water environmental pollution has been included in the work schedule of the World Environmental Protection Organization. The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the treatment of water environment pollution, and has put forward requirements for the treatment of pollution in three rivers and three lakes. China's sewage treatment industry has also achieved rapid development, mainly reflected in the booming sewage treatment equipment market, the rapid expansion of sewage treatment capacity, the steady increase in sewage treatment rate, and the rapid increase in sewage treatment capacity.
    Professor Zhang Guangming, a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Environmental Sciences of Renmin University of China, said, "In the past ten years, the number of treatment plants, processing capacity, and coverage rate of sewage treatment in China has increased rapidly. At the same time, the operation level and effluent standards of wastewater treatment plants are also increasing rapidly. There is no clear quantitative conclusion, but it is estimated to be in the leading position in the world. The construction of village and township wastewater treatment plants, sludge treatment and resource utilization are also included in the agenda. Many new ideas have also been put forward for industrial wastewater treatment . The industry has paid more and more attention to technological development, the rapid increase of professionals, and the continuous improvement of residents' environmental protection consciousness. These aspects are very good in terms of software environment and hardware support. Development in accordance with this trend I am very optimistic about the future of sewage treatment in China. "
    On the other hand, there are still many problems in China's sewage treatment, such as low collection system efficiency, extensive management, high energy consumption, overall effluent nitrogen substandard, severely insufficient sewage treatment in villages and towns, large hidden dangers of sudden accidents in industrial wastewater treatment, There is no good way for sludge.
    In this regard, Zhang Guangming confidently stated: "In general, we must not only see deficiencies, but also progress. In particular, the state now places energy conservation and environmental protection among the top seven strategic emerging industries and gives them strong support. Professionals must also inspire confidence and work hard to take China's sewage treatment to a new stage. "

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