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    Dongshi strives for full coverage of school drinking water equipment next year

    Source: water dispensers Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-24 Views: Times

    Dongshi strives for full coverage of drinking water equipment in 20 schools next year

    Dongshi strives for full coverage of drinking water equipment in 20 schools next year

    Around 10:30 am, the students who finished the second class in the teaching building of Liangxia Elementary School, Dongshi Town, Jinjiang City, poured out of the classroom. 取水。 The students held their own insulated water cups and queued in an orderly manner to draw water from a healthy drinking fountain set in the hallway in front of the classroom door.
    There are three similar healthy drinking fountains in the teaching building of Liangxia Primary School, one on each floor, and each drinking fountain is equipped with 3 to 5 water intakes; the drinking water flowing from the drinking fountain passes 100 After being boiled at a high temperature of ℃, the temperature is reduced to about 40 ℃, which is not only available for students to drink directly, but also does not need to worry about students' water safety issues.
    是今年4月左右安装的,安装直饮水设备的费用由镇里和学校按比例出资。 The principal of Liangxia Primary School, Cai Qingsong, told reporters that the school's healthy drinking water equipment was installed around April this year, and the cost of installing the drinking water equipment was proportionately funded by the town and the school. At present, in addition to Liangxia Primary School, most of the other primary schools in the town are also equipped with healthy drinking water equipment.
    "In the past six months, the addition of healthy drinking water equipment has not only solved the drinking water needs of students during school, but also effectively eliminated the problem of 'colored drinks' entering the campus, and guaranteed the drinking water safety of students." Cai Qingsong said, taking Liangxia Primary School as an example. For example, the school has a total of 888 students. Before installing direct drinking water equipment, in addition to a small amount of water used by students during school, they chose to buy from off-campus stores. Not only was it difficult for students to guarantee the safety of drinking water. Beverage bottles also put pressure on the cleaning of the campus environment.
    In Dongshijinglin Elementary School, as the earliest campus with direct drinking water equipment in Dongshi jurisdiction, there are currently 8 healthy drinking fountains in the school. Nearly a thousand teachers and students have enjoyed the convenience of healthy drinking water for more than a year.
    Huang Hairui, principal of Jinglin Elementary School, said that drinking healthy water directly into the campus not only protects the drinking water needs of teachers and students, but also solves the concerns of parents of students about the safety of drinking water at school, which is a real benefit project.
    According to reports, in 2015, Dongshi Town incorporated healthy drinking water into the campus into the "Practical for the People" project. As of now, the town has invested more than 700,000 yuan to complete the installation of drinking water equipment in 18 primary schools and 2 public kindergartens.
    "In 2016, we will also strive to achieve full coverage of healthy direct drinking water equipment campuses." Cai Sizhan, deputy director of the Education Committee of Dongshi Town, said that there are currently 5 middle schools, 29 primary schools and 20 kindergartens in Dongshi District, with nearly 2,000 teaching and administrative staff. With nearly 30,000 students, after completing the full coverage of healthy direct drinking water campuses, they will also increase the supervision of direct drinking water equipment on the campus and the monitoring of water quality to effectively solve the problem of drinking water for teachers and students at school and ensure the safety of drinking water on campus.


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