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    Electronic industry ultrapure water equipment system selection skills

    Source: electronics industry ultra-pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2016-02-03 Views: Times

    Electronic industry ultra-pure water equipment

    Electronic industry ultrapure water equipment system selection skills

    系统已经遍及全世界各地区的电力制造单位,电力是关系着多种领域的重要因素,所以电力制造用水成为了至关重要的影响因素, 超纯水设备系统选型是系统技术指标中比较重要的一项参数。 With the economic development, the electronic industry's ultra-pure water equipment systems have spread to power manufacturing units in various regions of the world. Electricity is an important factor that affects various fields. Therefore, water used for power manufacturing has become a critical factor. Ultra-pure water Equipment system selection is a more important parameter in the system technical indicators.
    Electronic industry ultra-pure water equipment system technology selection Modern new ultra-pure water equipment system no longer uses the traditional mixed-bed water production process. Now the new process form is a combination of reverse osmosis water production process and EDI module water production process. For this kind of super-strong water production process, the coordination of each unit of the system is also very important, and a good pretreatment process also seriously affects the final water output of the system.
    Selection of ultra-pure water equipment systems for the electronics industry For the application of ultra-pure water equipment systems in China, the selection has many different characteristics, because China's large land area causes large differences in water quality in different regions, which also causes The quality of the incoming water of the ultrapure water equipment system is different. The selection of the ultrapure water equipment system must also be based on the quality of the raw water. The electronic industry ultrapure water equipment system must be designed with reference to the actual needs of the unit and the region where it is located. The final effluent of the system meets the standards of use. The ultra-pure water equipment system should be completed according to the design requirements, and the relevant electrical, thermal, chemical instrument, and operation panel instructions of the system can be correctly and flexibly operated.
    Every year, China uses the second largest power in the world. Therefore, the ultra-pure water equipment system for the electronics industry has become an indispensable supporting system for the power manufacturing industry. And when installing the system, we must adapt to local conditions.

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