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    Water purification equipment market: "Dawn" and "Hidden Worries"

    Source: water purification equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-21 Views: Times

    Water purification equipment market: "Dawn" and "Hidden Worries"

    Water purification equipment market : "Dawn" and "Hidden Worries"

    Domestic water quality purifier, commonly known as water purifier, is a kind of water purification equipment . It first appeared in the 1980s in China. At that time, this product that could quickly improve water quality was loved by many consumers, but with the Over time, problems such as manufacturers' after-sales services failing, and consumer misunderstandings gradually emerged, and the market once shrank. However, people's requirements for the quality of domestic water and drinking water have never been lowered, especially after the Songhua River water pollution incident, and the Harbin city's purified water equipment market has also quickly become hot. According to local media reports, since the announcement of the restoration of water supply by the Harbin municipal government, customers who go to home appliance stores to purchase water purifiers have gradually increased. In some large shopping malls, some salespeople have said that they can sell one or twenty units a day. In the past, It is difficult to sell 5 units a day.
    In fact, for a long time, with the intensification of environmental pollution, simple chlorination of urban tap water has not been able to meet the needs. In addition, there are secondary pollution caused by the long-term disrepair of urban water supply networks and the supply of water from high-rise water tanks. Bottled water is becoming more and more unsettling. The "black heart bucket" and "black heart water" incidents have been repeatedly exposed by the news media and technical supervision departments, leaving consumers with anxiety ... The emergence of a series of water problems has made pure water The equipment industry sees unlimited market opportunities. Statistics from relevant departments show that in 2004 China ’s water purification equipment market capacity was 25 million units, and in 2005 the nation ’s water purification equipment market capacity will exceed 33 million units. The results of the joint investigation and research group of China ’s urban home appliance consumer market appear to be More optimistic: The current household ownership rate of purified water equipment is not high, and business users are still in the growth stage. Therefore, it can be predicted that this market will show relatively strong consumer demand in the future for a long period of time.
    According to surveys, the current household penetration rate of water purifiers in China is only about 5%, while that in Europe, America, and Japan is as high as 70% or more. Relevant experts believe that although the water purifier is still in the industry introduction stage and budding stage, with the continuous strengthening of China's economic strength and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers' purchasing power will inevitably become stronger and stronger. It is bound to grow in popularity. According to forecasts, China's water purification equipment market contains at least hundreds of millions of yuan in profit each year.
    Of course, having such an attractive market prospect does not mean that this industry is full of gold. Surveys by related parties show that many households in China still have no concept of water purifiers. 68% of them have never heard of water purifiers. Most consumers still know nothing about water purifiers. Distrust of water purification function.
    Brand expert Meng Yingchao analyzed the above problems in an interview with reporters, saying that the main reason for this situation is the lack of efforts by pure water equipment manufacturers to promote the market and consumers' lack of awareness of the product, which has hindered their consumption. behavior. Therefore, the first thing to solve is the problem of market promotion. Only in this way, the potential demand will form a huge market. In addition, the domestic direct water dispenser market is mixed with fish and vegetables, and the product quality is uneven, which directly affects consumer trust.
    At present, there are more than 1,000 water quality purification products approved by the Ministry of Health in China. However, there are not many brands that really sound on the market. Some small companies lack the ability to introduce new technologies and lack the ability to innovate independently. The ability to imitate is extremely strong. Soon after the new products of large enterprises are launched, similar products of various brands can "bloom everywhere". Third, for a product such as a water purifier that has been in existence in China for more than 20 years, There is not yet a professional national standard; fourth, the ongoing "ion water" myth and the "spectrum water" myth all publicize that they can prolong their lives and cure all diseases, which is amazingly outrageous. Meng Yingchao believes that the above will undoubtedly hinder the development of the entire industry.
    Water purifiers have become a new force in the home appliance market. It can improve the quality of life of ordinary people and has been recognized by more and more people. Meng Yingchao believes that if water purifier companies want to develop and mature, they need to open up their products. Enterprises that are already relatively strong in this industry should pay attention to brand building. Not long ago, after conducting an investigation on the water purification equipment market, an authoritative domestic investigation agency found that Midea ranked first in the industry with a market share of 4.58%, and the brands with the second-lowest brands had market shares below 15%. One side also reflects the large and complicated real pattern of the domestic water dispenser industry. In recent years, some areas that have been polluted by water are also worthy of reference by cultivating and supporting a number of high-quality, reputable water purifier products and supervising them to implement the "Reliable Water" project.
    In addition, we must do a good job in cultivating consumer ideas. For the pure water equipment industry during the introduction period and growth period, although the consumer's lack of understanding of the product has led to a wait-and-see situation in the entire market, this is only a superficial and temporary phenomenon. Chinese enterprises need to cultivate the development of small home appliances. As long as enterprises strengthen the guidance and education of consumers through various marketing methods, it will inevitably accelerate the growth and maturity of the industry, and enterprises will also obtain great benefits.

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