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    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment

    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment

    basic configuration:
    Name: Reverse osmosis pure water equipment
    Model: zl-cjs002
    Custom processing: Yes Brand: China Blue Water inlet caliber: 25-1500 (mm)
    Water production: 0.25-100T / H
    Specification: 0.25-100T
    Working pressure: 0.3-15 (psi)
    简介 Treatment level: Introduction to reverse osmosis pure water equipment
    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment is simply a device that uses reverse osmosis technology to produce pure water. And purified water is widely used by us: daily drinking, chemical, medical, food, beverage, etc.
    Technical characteristics of pure water equipment:
    1. Reverse osmosis is to desalinize and desalinate brine using physical methods without phase change at room temperature. At present, the desalination rate of ultra-thin composite membrane elements can reach more than 99.5%, and it can simultaneously remove colloids, organics, bacteria, viruses, etc.
    2. Adopt imported reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost;
    3. Adopt fully automatic pre-processing system to realize unmanned operation;
    4. Imported Grundfos booster pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable;
    5. Online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes to ensure water quality safety;
    6. Fully automatic electrical control program, optional touch screen operation, easy to use;
    7. Personalized design that meets local water quality and meets all needs.
    8. The equipment covers a small area and requires less space.
    9. Reverse osmosis pure water equipment has a high degree of automation, and the workload of operation and maintenance is very small.
    10. Water treatment only relies on the pressure of water as the driving force, and its energy consumption is the lowest in many treatment processes.
    11. Do not need a lot of chemical agents and acid and alkali regeneration treatment, no chemical waste liquid discharge, no environmental pollution.
    12. The reverse osmosis pure water equipment can continuously run water production, the system is simple, the operation is convenient, and the product water quality is stable.
    Process of pure water equipment
    Raw water → raw water pressure pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → precision filter → first stage reverse osmosis → pH adjustment → purified water tank → second stage reverse osmosis → sterile pure water tank → pure water pump → Ultraviolet sterilizer → Microporous filter → Composition of purified water equipment with water point
    It is very important to rely on pure water production. Therefore, to produce pure water, we must choose a place with better quality of raw water. Such as mountain springs, deep wells and so on. A very important index involved here is "conductivity". Generally speaking, the lower the conductivity. The purer the water. The current water treatment processes used are reverse osmosis systems. The treated water can generally reach 90%-99% desalination rate.
    1. Pretreatment system (1) Raw water pump Raw water pump is used to provide raw water pressure for raw water pretreatment system. If the raw water is under pressure, this device can be completely eliminated. Generally requires raw water pressure> = 0.3MPa
    (2) Raw water tank The role of the raw water tank is simpler and it is used to store raw water. This is afraid that if the raw water is not available for a transfer (usually adding a float switch is a higher degree of automation of the entire system).
    (3) Quartz sand filter uses quartz sand filter material to remove large particles of suspended matter, sediment, impurities, etc. in raw water, and reduce the turbidity of water. In addition, organic substances, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water can be removed in large quantities as the turbidity is reduced, and good conditions for disinfection after filtration can be created.
    (4) Activated carbon filter
    The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is used to effectively adsorb organic matters, free residual chlorine, colloids, particles, microorganisms, certain metal ions, and decoloration in raw water.
    2. Reverse osmosis system The reverse osmosis system is the core component of the whole purified water system. Only by reverse osmosis can the standard of purified water be reached. The reverse osmosis system mainly uses a membrane filtration process. Water molecules can then pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. Others such as calcium, magnesium and sodium are discharged along with the waste water. Below are the components of this system.
    (1) Precision filter This filter mainly filters large particles in water.
    (2) Special high-pressure pumps Generally, the high-pressure pumps we use here are southern special pumps. Provides strong power for reverse osmosis equipment.
    (3) Reverse osmosis membrane
    The reverse osmosis membrane uses membrane filtration technology. Passing water molecules through some other ions cannot achieve the purpose of purifying water.
    3. Auxiliary system: ozone sterilization system, light inspection, filling system. It can also be sterilized with ultraviolet rays, and there will be no residual ultraviolet rays. Many foreign countries now like to use ultraviolet rays.

    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment

    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment

    Advantages of China Blue Pure Water Equipment
    1). The whole system adopts all stainless steel configuration, stable operation, delicate and beautiful;
    2). Equipped with purified raw water tank and intermediate tank, equipped with digital display electronic level gauge air breathing device to prevent the equipment from being affected by unstable tap water pressure;
    3). Pre-treatment adopts American Autotrol fully automatic control valve;
    专用水箱,配备数显电子液位计,旋转喷淋清洗及空呼吸装置; 4). Equipped with special water tank for purified water equipment , equipped with digital display electronic level gauge, rotary spray cleaning and air breathing device;
    5). Equipped with water softener and special salt box, using British Purolite resin, and equipped with special salt box;
    6) .Using imported Hydranautics reverse osmosis membrane ESPA2 ultra-low pressure membrane, high desalination rate, stable operation and 20% reduction in energy consumption;
    7). Equipped with pH adjustment and online detection system, Milton roy metering pump in the United States, adjust the pH value to prevent the impact of CO2 on the quality of produced water;
    8). Equipped with ozone sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization system and terminal microfiltration device;
    9). The control system adopts Japanese Mitsubish PLC + touch screen automatic method, high stability, simple and convenient operation;
    10). Equipped with purified water delivery water supply system;
    11) .Using stainless steel electric control box, beautiful and durable;
    12). The main electrical components adopt French schneider, which is stable and beautiful;
    13). The theme materials are all well-known international brands in the industry, quality and quantity, and designed according to the best configuration.
    Device parameters
    1. Incoming water quality: municipal tap water, conductivity ≤500μs / cm
    2. Produce water quality:
    After treatment by the first-level reverse osmosis system, the conductivity of the produced water is less than 10μS / cm (based on the online meter monitoring)
    After the treatment of the secondary reverse osmosis system, the conductivity of the produced water is less than 2μS / cm (based on the online meter monitoring)
    Others comply with the national standard of the People's Republic of China for bottled (pail) bottled drinking water hygiene standards
    3. Power supply: 380V AC 50Hz three-phase four-wire 4. Relative humidity: ≤80%, no volatile gases such as strong acids, strong alkalis, and no strong electromagnetic interference unobstructed.
    6. Control method: automatic, manual, and full-automatic PLC control system 7. Desalination rate of equipment system: ≥99.5%
    8. Water inlet temperature: 15. C-35. C
    9. Working mode: 24 hours continuous work 10. Reverse osmosis pure water equipment Recovery rate: 50% -75%
    11. The equipment is divided into three categories according to hourly water output m3 / h (25 C water temperature meter, the same below):
    a) .Water production ≤1m3 / h for small equipment
    b) .Water output ≤5 m3 / h for medium equipment
    c) .Water production ≥10m3 / h in large equipment

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