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  • Boiler softening water equipment zl-rhs002

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    Boiler demineralized water equipment

    Automatic boiler water softening equipment

    basic configuration:
    Name: Boiler water softening equipment
    Model: zl-rhs002
    Custom processing: Yes Voltage: 220 (V)
    Working pressure: 0.2-0.6 (Mpa)
    Power: 60 (w)
    Rated flow: 50 (T / H)
    Water inlet and outlet: 100
    Operating weight: 400 (kg)
    Tank pressure: 0.8 (MPa)
    Working temperature: 1 -45 ( C)
    Operation mode: manual / automatic resin tank: carbon steel tank body resin filling amount: 2200 (L / bag)
    Working procedure of automatic softening equipment:
    1. Water supply: untreated water passes through the resin layer, exchange reaction occurs, and soft water is generated.
    2. Backwash: Water enters from the lower part of the resin layer, loosens the resin and removes fine debris.
    3. Regeneration into brine: Use a higher concentration of brine (Nacl) to flow through the resin to restore the failed resin to a sodium-type usable resin.
    4. Flushing: According to the process of water supply, the water is washed through the resin to remove excess salt solution and regenerate the exchanged calcium and magnesium ions.
    5. Water injection: Inject water into the salt tank to dissolve common salt for the next regeneration.
    技术指标: Technical indicators of softened water equipment :
    1. Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.6Mpa
    2. Hardness of raw water: <12mmol / L (when raw water hardness> 8 mmol / L, special planning should be made according to water quality in different areas)
    3. Effluent hardness: <0.03mmol / L (required to reach National Low Pressure Boiler Water Quality Standard GB1576-2001);
    4. Salt content of raw water <1500mg / L, turbidity <5, iron ion <0.3mg / L
    5. Power supply: 220V, 50HZ
    6. Salt consumption <100g / gram equivalent (related to raw water hardness);
    7. Water consumption <2%; power consumption <50W
    8. Resin type: 001 7 type strong acid cation exchange resin

    Automatic boiler water softening equipment

    Automatic boiler water softening equipment

    Notes for installation of softened water equipment:
    1. The foundation needs to be level, and a floor drain or drainage ditch should be set up nearby to drain the recycled wastewater. There should be a separate power outlet near the equipment.
    2. If the inlet pressure is lower than 0.2Mpa, a pipeline pump must be installed.
    3. Do not use iodine and calcium salts as regeneration agents. The salt requirement in the salt cabinet is industrial salt. In order to ensure that the concentration of the salt solution in the salt tank can be saturated, the dissolution time should be not less than 6 hours, and the regeneration should be forced once before the first use.
    4. Total pressure loss of equipment (pipeline + controller + water distributor): 0.3kg / cm2.
    5. A manual valve should be installed on the water inlet and outlet pipes, and a bypass valve should be installed between the water inlet and outlet, in order to continue water supply during regeneration or maintenance.
    6. When the hardness of raw water is> 6mmol / L, the selection of grade 1-2 should be increased.
    7. The pipeline must be flushed before use to avoid impurities blocking the valve body and contaminating the resin.
    8. Fully automatic flow-type demineralized water equipment should be added with anti-freezing measures in winter.
    Demineralized water equipment use:
    1. Prevent the inner walls of boilers, kettles, underfloor heating pipes, water heaters, humidifiers, steam irons, bathtubs, shower heads, and toilets from accumulating scale and blocking.
    2. Make coffee and tea leaves, with unique taste and pure taste. Raising flowers, extending the flowering period, green leaves without mottled, beautiful flowers. Soft water cooked rice is plump, loose, and tastes good; sanitary utensils are crystal clear and stain-free.
    3. Extend the shelf life of tofu, soy milk is more fragrant, bean sprouts do not need auxin, and grow thick and robust. Wash vegetables, eliminate pesticides, and extend the freshness period of vegetables. Cooking rice, shortening the time, the rice grains are soft and smooth, and the pasta is not easy to swell. Cooking, stick to the natural taste and nutrition of the vegetables.
    4.Wash clothes, can prevent static electricity, prevent discoloration, non-deformation, no hardening, save washing supplies; clean tableware, clean without water stains. Clean kitchen bathhouse, strong decontamination and deodorization.
    的前期预处理,有效保护RO反渗透膜,延长RO膜的使用寿命。 5. The pre-treatment of the purified water equipment effectively protects the RO reverse osmosis membrane and prolongs the service life of the RO membrane.
    In short, the softened water produced by the softened water equipment fundamentally removes water alkali, scale and reduces water hardness.

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