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    Process comparison of complete edi electric deionized water equipment

    Source: deionized water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-25 Views: Times

    EDI Electric Deionized Water Equipment

    Process comparison of complete edi electric deionized water equipment

    The complete set of edi electric deionized water equipment is actually often referred to as ultra-pure water equipment . Ultra-pure water equipment is widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry, mainly because the precision components of electronic products sometimes need to be cleaned or cooled when they are manufactured. This requires that the water must not contain any conductive substances, otherwise component damage will occur, which has caused the industry's extreme demand for ultrapure water.
    At present, there are about three technologies for preparing ultrapure water from complete sets of edi electric deionized water equipment . Each of the three processes has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first is the traditional process of preparing ultrapure water using ion replacement resin. The advantages of this process are obvious, the capital investment in the early stage of equipment operation is small, and the equipment volume is small, but the resin needs to be regenerated after a long working time, which will cause a lot of acid and alkali waste and pollution during the regeneration stage, so it is relatively unfriendly to the environment.
    The second technology applied to the complete set of edi electro- deionized water equipment is a relatively comprehensive set of process flow formed by pre-reverse osmosis as pretreatment combined with ion replacement technology. Because reverse osmosis is used as pre-treatment, the capital investment is relatively It is larger, but the content of water impurities after pretreatment is much less, and the regeneration cycle of ion replacement resin is correspondingly increased, so the regeneration is not so frequent, but there is still a regeneration process, which is still not the most ideal process.
    Today's new complete sets of EDI electric deionized water equipment use reverse osmosis as pretreatment combined with EDI module technology as the ultrapure water preparation process. This process eliminates the acid-base regeneration process and enables the equipment to prepare ultra-thin water without interruption. Pure water, with little capital investment, has become the hottest ultra-pure water preparation process at present.

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