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    Factory water dispensers bring workers health and convenience

    Source: Factory Direct drinking fountains Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-14 Views: Times

    Factory direct drinking water equipment

    Factory drinking water equipment brings workers health and convenience

    Direct drinking water is now slowly becoming the first drinking water in the new era, slowly replacing the bottled and bottled water markets. At present, direct drinking water equipment is not only used in ordinary households, but also in many public places, factories, companies and other places have direct drinking fountains . The factory water dispenser has settled in the factory. What does it bring to the workers? Let's go and see it together!
    There are many factories in the factory under the construction of direct drinking fountains installed in the factory , one is to bring convenient drinking water to workers, and the other to achieve the purpose of saving. Why kill two birds with one stone?
    Workers no longer worry about drinking water problems, and people will inevitably experience thirst when they go to work, especially in the hot and dry season of summer. Bottled water is used in many factories, and it will inevitably cause a shortage of drinking water or a shortage of supply for some reasons. This caused a lot of people not to get into the water, because of thirst, it caused low work efficiency, and then affected the efficiency of the factory.
    The establishment of factory direct drinking fountains has solved the problem of workers' insufficient drinking water. As long as tap water is always supplied, the factory direct drinking fountains will continuously produce factory direct drinking water to meet the needs of each worker. At the same time, each worker can choose factory direct drinking water, cold water, warm water or boiling water according to their needs!

    Factory direct drinking water equipment

    Factory drinking water equipment brings workers health and convenience

    Of course, the safety of direct drinking water in factories is also something that every worker and factory must understand and master. The direct drinking fountain in the factory is filtered by membrane to clean the heavy metal ions, harmful organic matter, impurities, virus bacteria, odor, color and so on from the tap water. At the same time, the taste of the water source is improved by the redox reaction of KDF (copper-zinc alloy) and the adsorption of activated carbon. Through these steps, tap water is made into an active factory drinking water, which is provided for drinking by each worker.
    Of course, as long as the machine will fail again. Vendors of direct drinking fountains in factories usually have a special service department to come to the factory to repair the faulty direct drinking fountains and regularly inspect the direct drinking fountains of the factory. The filter element will be replaced by a dedicated person at a fixed time to further ensure the safety of direct drinking water in the factory.
    The installation of direct drinking water equipment in the factory is convenient for the workers, and the enthusiasm of the workers will be provided. At the same time, it is a saving machine, which saves the factory a lot of money.

    (From the column " Pure Water Equipment ")


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