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    Increased demand for domestic water dispenser equipment

    Source: Household water dispensers Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-27 Views: Times

    Increased demand for home drinking fountains

    Increased demand for home drinking fountains

    Mr. Liu, a citizen of Guiyang, specially installed a water purifier for purifying tap water in the kitchen when he renovated a new house this year. "Our water in Guizhou has a high hardness. I heard that drinking is not good for your health, and you may have stones." He explained that he chose a household water dispenser for peace of mind. "Should it be better after deep purification and filtration?" He said with a trace of uncertainty, "Of course, it is also convenient to drink directly."
    Unlike Mr. Liu's concerns about the water quality, the reason why Ms. Xiao's family installed water purification equipment was purely to improve the taste and convenience of the water. She said that the family did not like the taste of the tap water when it was boiled, and that it was troublesome to reserve water for bottled water, it was better to use a direct drinking fountain .
    Nowadays, with the improvement of material living standards and the strengthening of the awareness of healthy drinking water consumption, for various reasons, the demand for straight drinking fountains is increasing. According to the reporter's small-scale survey, 10 households have 4 households installed direct drinking water equipment .
    The so-called direct drinking water refers to the installation of a deep water purification device at the user terminal directly connected to the municipal water supply network. After multi-stage filtration, the drinking water directly meets national standards. Generally speaking, direct drinking water equipment installed in public places, such as stations, airports, conference venues, offices, etc., is called a public direct drinking fountain, while those installed in homes are called domestic direct drinking fountains. At present, direct drinking water is provided in some public places and residential districts in the province. At the same time, different types of water purification equipment are increasingly entering the homes of urban residents.
    Although there is no clear data to prove it, it is indeed an indisputable fact that the demand for direct drinking fountains is increasing. "The products we sell are increasing steadily and continuously every month." A salesperson of a brand of water purification equipment from a large appliance supermarket in Guiyang told reporters.

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