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    What kind of pure water equipment is suitable for township residents

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-31 Views: Times

    In recent years, with the popularity of the domestic pure water equipment market, many brands have begun to shift to the rural market. The health awareness of many households in the countryside has also increased, and they have begun to install household water purifiers or straight drinking fountains . Some household water purifiers on the market are designed for tap water use in cities. So what kind of household water purification equipment is suitable for use in rural areas?
    Characteristics of rural water pollution
    Most people in rural areas drink directly from groundwater or well water without treatment by water purification equipment. Of course, the countryside does not rule out the existence of mountain spring water and good water quality. But in general rural drinking water, there are heavy impurities such as bacteria, viruses and organic matter. With the development of industrialization, more and more factories have begun to pose severe challenges to rural people's inherent drinking water methods.

    What kind of pure water equipment is suitable for township residents

    What kind of pure water equipment is suitable for township residents

    There are many types of pollutants in the environment in China, and only 109 water pollutants are involved in surface water environmental quality standards, but the actual types of pollutants may reach hundreds. Some pollutants exceed a certain concentration in the environment or accumulate after a certain period of time, which will threaten environmental safety and people's health.
    Rural water quality characteristics
    Large particles of sand, more solid impurities;
    There is a strange color and odor;

    What kind of pure water equipment is suitable for township residents

    What kind of pure water equipment is suitable for township residents

    Bacteria and viruses exceed standards, such as: E. coli;
    Heavy metal exceeds the standard;
    Scale problems.
    Addressing rural healthy drinking water
    RO water purifier is a good choice to solve the problems of rural water odors, heavy metals exceeding standards, scale and other problems. RO pure water machine uses reverse osmosis technology, which can completely remove harmful substances from rural water. But rural water pressure is often too low, so ordinary water purifiers are difficult to achieve. In order to solve this situation, zero water pressure pure water machine came into being. It has a self-priming function and can be used normally even when the water pressure is as low as zero.
    Rural household water purifiers or straight drinking fountains must also take into account the clogging of RO membranes in the process of well water purification. Most rural well waters have complex components and very high impurity content. However, the quality of water from the north and the south is different. In the north, the TDS value of well water or groundwater is often as high as 1,000 or more. Therefore, rural water purifiers in this case must also use special technology to achieve RO membrane and consumable parts. If it is clogged within time, it is generally used to add a pre-filter or filter. In the south, water sources in the south are generally characterized by low turbidity, high algae, and micro-pollution, and the water pressure is relatively small.
    In fact, the most fundamental problem to solve the rural drinking water problem should be attributed to protecting the environment itself. Pure water equipment is the last resort we have to do and is currently the most effective method.


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