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    Is it appropriate to promote direct drinking water equipment in China at this stage?

    Source: pipeline direct drinking water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-08 Views: Times

    At this stage in China, is it appropriate to promote "direct drinking fountains"?

    Drinking water directly, the simple explanation is that you can drink water directly. The specific explanation refers to the direct drinking water that has no pollution, meets the physiological needs of the human body (contains beneficial mineral elements similar to the human body), and has a weak alkaline pH value.
    As we all know, tap water in China cannot be drunk directly. Although China implemented the "new national standard" for drinking water in July 2012, the water quality index increased from 35 to 106, which is in line with the world. However, the increasingly serious water pollution, backward traditional water treatment technology and other factors make it difficult for the existing drinking water quality to meet people's growing demand for healthy drinking water. The city's original pipe network system has been in disrepair for years, and it is easy to cause secondary pollution of water quality. Therefore, the concept of "direct drinking water from pipes" has attracted much attention in recent years. Direct drinking water equipment from pipes has solved these problems well. A new pipe network system was built on the original water system to meet the needs of modern people for healthy drinking water and ensure that Drink water safely.
    However, for the promotion of this water supply method, some people think that the promotion of pipeline drinking water equipment or drinking fountains at the current stage requires the establishment of a new pipe network system, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and also faces the problem of high water charges. The level of economic development is not enough to support the people, I am afraid it is difficult to accept. In addition, pipeline drinking water equipment requires long-term testing, maintenance and management, which is difficult to practice and operate.
    Is it really the truth?
    How to solve the existing problems of pipeline drinking fountains?
    How can the direct drinking water equipment develop in schools, hospitals, real estate, prisons and other fields? Please pay attention to the technical knowledge quiz series of direct drinking water equipment launched by our company.


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