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    Causes of disordered operation of small ultrapure water equipment

    Source: ultra-pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-27 Views: Times

    Causes of disordered operation of small ultrapure water equipment

    Causes of disordered operation of small ultrapure water equipment

    Any experiment and test are inseparable from one of the most important things, that is, ultrapure water. Small ultrapure water equipment is a kind of equipment dedicated to these experimental waters. However, sometimes small ultrapure water equipment sometimes has a disorder phenomenon during work and operation. What is the reason for this phenomenon in small ultrapure water equipment? Let me explain it for everyone.
    Influencing factors
    ① Tap water quality: When the content of tap water is high, the service life of the pretreatment components will be shortened and the treated water quality will not meet the standards, and even the pipeline will be blocked, which will require higher inlet pressure to work. Generally, the solid dissolved matter content in tap water is required ( TDS) is less than 200 mg / L.
    ② Service life of pretreatment components: precision filter element, activated carbon filter element, reverse osmosis membrane, etc. are all materials with relative lifespan. Among them, precision filter element and activated carbon filter element also protect the reverse osmosis membrane . If they fail, the load on the RO membrane will increase. , Life will be shortened. Because the quality of each manufacturer's products is different, and the RO membrane is expensive, in actual use, it should be reasonably matched and used according to the quality of the tap water in each place.
    ③ Water inlet pressure: In general, the pretreatment of pure water systems requires a high pressure pump to maintain a certain water inlet pressure (≥0.1Mpa) to maintain normal operation. When the pressure of the high pressure pump is insufficient, the water production will decrease.
    ④Pure water system maintenance: Pure water systems generally have automatic backwashing functions. When their settings are unreasonable or faulty and manual maintenance is not performed properly, the normal operation of the pure water machine will also be affected, resulting in degradation of purification efficiency and water quality.
    Through the above interpretation, I don't know if everyone knows the cause of the disordered operation of small ultrapure water equipment. No matter what equipment is the same as the human body, various conditions will occur if it is not properly maintained.

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