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    Introduction to the composition of pure water equipment pretreatment system

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-26 Views: Times

    Introduction to the composition of pure water equipment pretreatment system

    The pretreatment system is very important as the production of pure water. Therefore, the production of pure water must choose better raw water quality. The water treatment process water in purified water equipment can reach 99%-90%. Let me introduce the components of this system.
    1. Raw water pump Raw water pump is a function of the water pressure in the raw water pretreatment system. Without this device, the pressure of the raw water can be completely eliminated. Generally requires raw water pressure> = 0.3MPa
    2. Raw water tank The function of raw water tank is simpler, which is to use raw water for storage. This is afraid of raw water in case of a transfer (usually adding a float switch is more automated for the entire system).
    3. Quartz sand filter uses quartz sand filter material to remove suspended sediment, sediment and impurities in raw water and reduce water turbidity. It can also remove organic matter, bacteria, viruses and other organic matter in water by a large amount of turbidity, creating good conditions for water disinfection.
    4. Activated carbon filter
    The adsorption capacity of activated carbon that can effectively adsorb organics in source water, residual chlorine, colloids, particles, microorganisms, certain metal ions, and decolorization.
    5. The ion exchange capacity of the softening system can remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water to prevent the scaling effect of subsequent equipment, but the operation is labor and material costs. Current drug delivery systems add inhibitors directly.
    Pure water production equipment is a water production equipment used in industrial electronics, biomedical and food industries. The principle is to use reverse osmosis technology (RO), mixed bed, EDI device and post-treatment to remove conductive medium in water almost completely. Water treatment equipment that removes non-dissociable colloidal substances, gases and organics to a very low level.

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