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    Analysis of two water purification troubleshooting methods for pure water equipment

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-03 Views: Times

    Pure water equipment sometimes fails to make water. At this time, it is analyzed in two cases. One is that the high-pressure pump can work normally, and the other is that the high-pressure pump cannot work normally. The troubleshooting methods are different .
    Water purification troubleshooting when high pressure pump of pure water equipment works normally
    1. At this time, you should carefully check whether the high-pressure pump of the equipment has a pressure loss fault, and whether there is a problem with the water treatment accessories consumables .
    2. If neither waste water nor pure water is discharged, or only a small amount of waste water is discharged, there may be a blockage in the pre-filter.
    3. If only the waste water is discharged but no pure water is discharged, then the check valve is blocked.
    4. It may be caused by the malfunction of the solenoid valve and unable to start effectively.
    5. Check whether the reverse osmosis membrane is blocked.
    Water purification troubleshooting when high pressure pump of pure water equipment does not start
    1. Check whether the power connection is firm, normal, or caused by a power failure.
    2. Check whether the power cannot be turned on due to the low-voltage switch failure.
    3. This kind of failure is sometimes caused by failure to reset the water level controller or the failure of the high-voltage switch.
    4. Check whether the transformer and fuse are burned out.
    When the pure water equipment fails, it must be analyzed according to certain steps, and then the correct treatment method is taken to avoid improper operation leading to other failures, affecting the normal operation and service life of the equipment. At the same time, it should be specially reminded that regular cleaning and maintenance of pure water production equipment should be done to reduce the frequency of equipment failures and maintain the equipment in normal operation for a long time.

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