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    Is the community water dispenser supervised?

    Source: Drinking Water Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-11-26 Views: Times

    Recently, many communities in downtown Ganzhou have swiped cards to collect water. The community installs a direct drinking water device , and residents pay by card to get water, which is convenient and quick. Swipe to get water, which is convenient for residents, and also gives businesses an extra financial path. However, some residents are also worried whether these so-called "purified water and weak alkaline water" are really safe and hygienic? Is the management of community drinking fountains standardized? Who will effectively monitor?
    Purified water appears in the community
    The family of Ms. Wei, who lives in the prosperous square district in the downtown area, has five people and needs 8 tons of water per month. Ms. Wei is very concerned about the quality of drinking water. "Now think about whether you can use better quality water, after all, family health is the most important." In October this year, Ms. Wei's community installed a large direct drinking water device. Residents only need to pay for a card or direct coin. Can fetch water. "The price is cheaper than bottled water, and the freshness of small buckets of water is better than that of large buckets." Ms. Wei said. According to Ms. Wei, after boiling these weak alkaline waters, no water or alkalis were seen. There are residents who live outside the community to get water in the community. Similar to Ms. Wei, there is also Mr. Lai who lives in Yinding Garden Community. He said, "Our community has also installed water purification equipment . The water coming out is pure water. It is convenient to swipe to get water. The picture shows the quality of water."

    Community drinking fountains

    Community drinking fountains

    It is understood that many districts in the downtown area have installed community drinking fountains, and residents of the community can swipe their cards to get water. According to industry insiders, although different communities have installed different brands of water purification equipment, its principle is to provide residents with filtered water through professional technology. Mr. Ye, who has been engaged in the sale of purified water equipment for many years, said: "At present, the market uses composite activated carbon filtration technology to remove residual chlorine in the water, remove chemical pollution and heavy metal pollution. Generally, there are four procedures for sterilization, three of which are ultraviolet sterilization One is ozone sterilization. The patented technology of weak alkaline mineralization is used to ensure that trace minerals needed by the human body are in the water. "How much do residents know about the composite activated carbon filtration technology? How much do you know about the promotion and effectiveness of the business? Resident Li Daqing said: "Hear more and know less. In the community, when I see someone who has applied for a card, I will also get one. Otherwise, I have to buy a water purification equipment in my home, which is too expensive.
    Is purified water really healthy?
    However, is the water from the community water purification equipment really healthy? According to the CCTV survey, after testing, the value of the pure water tds in the water purifier is low. The community drinking fountains filter out some pollutants in the water through the filtering device, so that residents of the community can drink safe and healthy drinking water.

    Community drinking fountains

    Community drinking fountains

    However, the environmental sanitation of water purifiers in some communities is worrying. For example, in some communities, the direct drinking fountain is located near the road, there are many people and vehicles, the water intake cover is open, and the water collection place is full of scale and dust. In some communities, there are overgrown weeds around the drinking fountains, and many household debris are piled up. In some communities, direct drinking fountains are exposed for a long time, and the water outlet is also exposed. Children in the community often touch it with their hands.
    These have exposed the lack of businessmen and properties in site selection and later supervision.
    "We are all concerned about whether the filter element can be changed regularly and how to monitor the water quality? How often does the community's direct water dispenser clean up and how can the hygiene be guaranteed?" Many citizens expressed this view. How to manage the district water purifier? How to detect? Who will supervise?

    Community direct drinking water equipment supervision

    Community direct drinking water equipment supervision

    Zhang Jian, deputy director of the Ganzhou Health Supervision Institute, introduced that sanitation licenses for aquatic products are uniformly managed by the province, and local governments are only responsible for daily supervision. "In principle, the local health supervision station should have on-site supervision no less than once a year." Zhang Huan reminded that in the introduction of water purification equipment in many residential properties, it is necessary to check whether the business has a health license and production approval within the validity period. And health certificates for employees to ensure water safety for residents. In daily management, relevant enterprises should regularly clean up water purification equipment and regularly replace related consumables. If residents find abnormal conditions, they can be directly reflected to the local health supervision department.
    A person in charge of Ganzhou Water Affairs Group Co., Ltd. said: "Community purified water belongs to the citizens' own consumption. The water quality testing center under the Water Affairs Group does not have the qualifications and ability to test this source of water. Water quality monitoring. "


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