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    Mud mixed with tap water inspection water purification equipment

    Source: water purification equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-11-25 Views: Times

    Water purification equipment really has this effect? According to preliminary understanding, there are currently thousands of Chinese and foreign water purifier brands on the market, while there are hundreds of domestic manufacturers. Many different brands are actually produced by the same manufacturer and are OEM. In the face of numerous brands, their advertised complex functions, and gorgeous rhetoric, which information is more reliable? We use experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of the water purifier. First, can the water purification equipment filter mud water?

    Mud mixed with tap water inspection water purification equipment

    Straight hit: Mud water becomes straight drinking water after processing
    The key step to test the capacity of the water purification equipment is here. At this time, the water valve is opened, and the mud water in the water tank is pumped into the two filter devices by the water pump. Then the clean water enters the water tank! The whole process is smooth and the effect is very obvious.
    With the operation of the machine, the mud water in the water tank gradually decreased, and the filtered water gradually increased. The reporter observed that for more than a minute, the water flow remained stable and the color of the water remained unchanged. The filtered water can be drunk directly. Take a glass of water and take a sip. There is no odor and the taste is not bad.
    The technician introduced that the core of the water purifier is actually the filter element. The filter element is usually cylindrical, and some water purifiers are three filter elements, that is, three-stage filtration, and some are six-stage, seven-stage, or even ten-stage. At present, there are various types of water purifiers on the market, with different shapes. Some of them can be seen directly and have several filter elements.

    Water purification equipment water quality inspection

    Mud mixed with tap water inspection water purification equipment

    Conclusion: Purified water quality of qualified water purifiers is reliable
    According to reports, generally purified water can be filtered through three to four stages. The larger the particles, such as sand, the easier it is to filter. The reporter opened a water purifier and can directly see the filtering concept reflected in the filter element settings.
    First level: preprocessing. The water purifier pre-filter system is composed of PP cotton. Some PP cottons have a loose structure and an inner tight structure. They have a five-fold filter structure to remove impurities such as mud and sand in tap water.
    The second stage: the filtration membrane is used for purification. The water purification filter membrane used in the experiment is wrinkled, and substances with a diameter exceeding 0.2 microns are intercepted to remove harmful substances such as bacteria.
    The third level: adsorption, purification. The activated carbon stick is used to absorb chemical organic matter and tap water residual chlorine. The resulting water can be safely consumed.


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