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    Effective method for cleaning dirt from high-purity water equipment for spectacle coating

    Source: High water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-11-19 Views: Times

    Effective method for cleaning dirt from high-purity water equipment for spectacle coating

    Effective method for cleaning dirt from high-purity water equipment for spectacle coating

    The high-purity water equipment for glasses coating is the same as the ultra-pure water equipment for other industries. The raw water is urban domestic water or groundwater, but even the urban domestic water may contain some pollutants, so it is not treated or pretreated. After the ideal raw water enters the equipment, it will bring a certain degree of pollution and blockage to the ultrapure water equipment. How to remove these dirt has become a hot research topic.
    1. The use of acid solution to clean the dirt is a more effective method for cleaning long-term precipitation of pollutants. If there is more dirt deposition, pickling is recommended. Pickling is usually repeated washing, as well as wastewater, fresh water and polar water chamber. One pickling form.
    2. One disadvantage of the first pickling method is that organic precipitated pollutants in the equipment cannot be washed off. Experts on this type of dirt recommend using alkaline saline to clean them. Alkaline solutions can effectively eliminate organic dirt and alkali. Washing can be carried out using an acid pickling system, usually without additional cleaning equipment.
    Even if the inlet water of the high-purity water equipment for spectacles coating is pretreated, the phenomenon of pollutant deposition will occur after long-term water production, so cleaning is a necessary process to ensure that the equipment can run longer.
    Note: The high-purity water equipment for spectacle coating is a kind of ultra-pure water preparation equipment that is professionally applied in the field of spectacle lens coating cleaning. Modern people have a lot of pressure on their lives. Many people wear glasses. Coated lenses are more comfortable to use and coated lenses are more durable Therefore, lens coating has become a hot industry, which has also led to the development of water equipment in this industry.


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