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    Slaughtering wastewater treatment process

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    Slaughtering wastewater treatment process :

    The wastewater enters the grille pool, removes large suspended matter through the grille, and then flows into the oil separation tank by itself, removes some grease from the wastewater, and then flows into the adjustment tank. When the water level in the adjustment tank is at a high level, the pump automatically starts: The chemical flotation device removes a large amount of fine suspended matter and grease, and the clear water enters the hydrolysis acidification tank through the overflow pipe.
    Wastewater in the hydrolysis and acidification tank through the role of anaerobic microorganisms, the decomposition of various complex organic matter in the wastewater into methane and carbon dioxide and other substances, thereby converting harmful substances in wastewater into harmless substances. After passing through the hydrolysis and acidification tank, the wastewater flows to the biological contact oxidation tank. The contact oxidation method is an aerobic biofilm process. Microorganisms grow in the form of biofilms and suspensions in water, so it has both activated sludge and a biological filter. The characteristics of these are that organic carbohydrates are eventually broken down into CO2 and H2O during biological contact oxidation.
    The wastewater flows to the sedimentation tank after contacting the oxidation pond. The pond is a structure that contacts the effluent of the oxidation pond for solid-liquid separation. The function is to remove aging biofilm and SS in water. The effluent from the sedimentation tank enters the disinfection tank, and it can be discharged after disinfection. The sludge from the sedimentation tank is discharged to the sludge concentration tank. The sludge is aerobic digested in the sludge concentration tank, and the supernatant is returned to the conditioning tank for further treatment. The concentrated sludge is lifted by a sludge pump to a sludge belt filter press for dehydration and transported out, and the filtrate is discharged to a conditioning tank for reprocessing.

    Slaughtering wastewater treatment process

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