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    "New Army" added to drinking water equipment team

    Source: Drinking Water Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-11-16 Views: Times

    People in Kunming "pack up" and bring water home
    Two public direct drinking fountains in Cuihu South Road and Nanping Pedestrian Street in Kunming have been in use for almost 4 months. From the perspective of 4 months of use, some citizens took N bottles and cans to fill up and bring them back. Home, was questioned by others.

    Direct drinking water equipment team recruits

    Regarding the behavior of citizens “packaging” and bringing water home, the management responded that as long as it does not affect public services, how many bottles they want to receive can be used. In addition, the quality of public drinking water is regularly tested, and all indicators meet the standards, so you can drink with confidence.
    Comments: Kunming management is wayward!
    Primary and secondary schools in Chongqing Nan'an District achieve full coverage of direct drinking water
    In 2015, Nanan District of Chongqing Municipality, the drinking water renovation project for primary and secondary schools in the district has been completed. 994 sets of direct drinking fountains cover 72 primary and secondary schools in the district. More than 92,000 primary and secondary students in the south bank can now drink safely , Healthy, ultrafiltration type straight drink warm water.

    Full coverage of drinking water equipment in primary and secondary schools

    A few days ago, a boiling water room was built on each floor of the school building of Tiantaigang Elementary School Shanghai City Campus. There are 10 campus drinking fountains inside, and students are going in and out to draw water. "This is warm water, you can drink it directly, unlike the hot water before, you need to cool down before drinking," the two students who came to the water said excitedly. At present, the drinking water project covers all urban and rural primary and secondary schools in the district, and provides safe, healthy, ultra-filtered, warm drinking water for primary and secondary school students on the south bank.
    Comments: Drink whenever you want, drink healthy!
    Community drinking water station "Anjia" Xinyang City Community
    Recently, an automatic water dispenser called "Community Direct Drinking Water Station" was settled in the lucky community area of Wuxing Office, Luohe District, Xinyang City. Residents can buy pure water by simply coining or swiping a card, which brings many benefits and convenience to residents.

    Community drinking water equipment

    "This water is cheap. I can buy 5 liters for 1 yuan, which is more cost-effective than bottled water on the market, and it has no odor. It feels like drinking mineral water, which is especially good." Aunt Zhang, a resident, has installed a community drinking water station Later, she often came to patronize. "Straight drinking water stations have long been popular in Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai and other large urban communities." Shen Zaifeng, deputy secretary of the community neighborhood committee, Shen Zaifeng, said that the five-star office lucky community is still in the pilot stage, and more community drinking water stations will be installed in the future. Convenient for community residents.
    Comments: After buying and buying, you need to save provinces, or drink straight drinking water is affordable.
    In November, Jinan added another 18 drinking fountains
    "The construction of public drinking water fountains is located in the dense crowd of people on the roadside. It is convenient for everyone to drink spring water, so citizens and tourists should have the opportunity to taste the spring water." Wang Wentao, secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee, said on the 4th when he inspected the drinking water points. The first phase of the Quanshui Public Drinking Station has been completed, and the scope of the second phase will be extended to Baotu Quanbei Road in the west, Heibei Road in the east, Heixi Road in the south, and Quancheng Road in the north. It is planned to complete the commissioning and installation of 18 lotus-shaped public drinking fountains in November.

    Jinan straight drinking water equipment

    "The current initial plan is to expand to 100 places." Li Shaoyu, director of the Lixia District Municipal Bureau, said in an interview that long-term public drinking water points will continue to spread to the old city. Furong Street, Quancheng Square, and Kuanhouli are all prepared. Route selection. In actual construction, direct drinking water points in public places will be scientifically arranged according to the actual situation.
    Comment: In Jinan, no matter where you open your mouth, you can drink spring water and drink directly.
    Water Cup—Pipeline drinking water No. 1 new third board listed
    On October 28, 2015, Nanjing Water Cup Technology Co., Ltd. (the "Water Cup", stock code 834232), the first unit of direct drinking water, was approved at the same time as the listing of "New Third Board" such as Evergrande Taobao and Lily.com. After review by the National SME Share Transfer System Co., Ltd., a total of 16 company shares were approved for listing on the “New Third Board”.
    As the first share of piped drinking water, Water Cup (834232) was officially listed on the New Third Board on November 12! The successful listing of Water Cup (834232) will be a milestone in the whole drinking water and water purification industry.
    Comment: The successful listing of the new third board of the water cup is a small step on the new third board, but it is a big step in the drinking water industry!
    “入住”秀英区25所学校 Drinking water equipment "check-in" 25 schools in Xiuying District
    Recently, 43 sets of campus direct drinking water equipment have "checked in" to 25 schools in Xiuying District, Haikou. All campus direct drinking water equipment have been installed and debugged. The drinking water outlet has obtained the water quality test report issued by the relevant authoritative water quality testing agency and completed the project acceptance.

    School drinking water equipment

    The direct drinking water equipment in the campus of Xiuying District is divided into three steps. First, the activated carbon is used to adsorb bleach powder in the tap water. The second is to filter viruses, bacteria, colloids, rust and other impurities in the water through an ultrafiltration machine. Finally, it is sterilized by ultraviolet rays. The lamp guarantees sterilization again.
    It is reported that Haikou has now achieved full coverage of direct drinking water into tourist attractions.
    Comment: Real drinking water is worthy of inspection!
    Teachers and students of Guyang No. 1 Middle School in Baotou drank straight drinking water
    In order to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water for teachers and students of Guyang No. 1 Middle School in Baotou City, Guyang County strived for a national drinking water safety project. 10 direct drinking fountains were installed at Guyang No. 1 Middle School for free, so that the teachers and students of the school can drink safely, Hygienic and healthy direct drinking water.

    Baotou Middle School Drinking Water Equipment

    Guyang has long winters and cold weather. Due to the small capacity of the school boiler, it was previously only able to meet the needs of hot water for residential students. For this reason, the 10 campus drinking fountains won this time were distributed in the school restaurant and each teaching floor to provide water for teachers and students. The school will also strengthen the post-construction management of the campus direct drinking water project with relevant departments, regularly require manufacturers to maintain the equipment, and regularly invite the county Center for Disease Control and Prevention to test the quality of direct drinking water on campus to ensure the safety of teachers and students.
    Comments: The drinking water equipment team has another new army!


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