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    Water purification equipment will become a necessity

    Source: water purification equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-11-14 Views: Times

    Water purification equipment becomes a necessity

    Water purification equipment will become a necessity

    Although outside the water purification equipment , barrel water or boiled municipal tap water can be a source of drinking water for ordinary households. However, if you carefully compare different ways to obtain drinking water, and consider the health of drinking water and the cost of use, water purification equipment is undoubtedly the best choice for all families. It is also because of this that water purification equipment has become a "necessary" for more and more families.
    Water purification cost is less than 1/10 of bottled water
    "If you compare the bottled water that is commonly consumed today, it is undoubtedly much more cost-effective to install a water purifier ." According to Ma Yunfu, a regional business manager for water purification equipment in Yunnan, the current water quality in Kunming urban area, even with the best filter Consumables, the domestic household RO membrane water purifier costs only about 600 yuan a year, and the cost of tap water is negligible, and the cost of purified water produced is about 50-70 yuan / ton; if you drink barreled water, For example, a well-known brand currently sells 18.9L bottled water at 13 yuan / barrel, which costs nearly 700 yuan per ton of water; even considering that manufacturers can sell it for 9 yuan / barrel, the cost of barreled water needs to be nearly 500 yuan / ton.
    "Although the cost of purchasing a water purifier in the early stage is much greater than that of a water dispenser, the average cost of water purification is actually only 1/10 of that of barreled water, or even lower."
    Drinking purified water is more healthy. "In fact, when people choose bottled water, they have subconsciously recognized that drinking water must be safe and healthy. This is also the direct reason and purpose for everyone to choose bottled water." Ma Yunfu I also told reporters, but the bottled water is susceptible to deterioration and easy to suffer from "secondary pollution" due to drinking fountains and other reasons. Similarly, even if municipal tap water meets national sanitary drinking water standards when it leaves the factory, it will also suffer from "secondary pollution" due to transportation pipelines, water storage facilities and other reasons, which cannot ensure safety and health. This is why tap water needs to be burned. It has become common sense for us to drink after opening.

    Water purification equipment becomes a must for life

    Water purification equipment becomes a must for life

    "Whether it is compared to bottled water or municipal tap water, the ready-to-drink water purification produced by water purifiers will undoubtedly better protect our drinking water health. This is why more and more families use water purifiers To the 'necessities' of one's own life. "
    Water purifier wastes water is a "traditional misconception"
    In the process of understanding the cost of drinking water in different ways, the reporter once again discussed the issue of "waste water" in water purifiers with many people in the industry. It is understood that "wastewater" is essentially "concentrated water" produced by RO membrane water purifiers in order to ensure RO membrane filtration performance. Many times these "concentrated water" are discharged in vain, so the common consumers have the misunderstanding of "wasting water" in water purifiers.
    However, in fact, compared with the purified water produced by the water purifier, these "concentrated water" are simply not filtered through the RO membrane, and the ion concentration in the water is higher, but they are also filtered by PP cotton, activated carbon and other devices, removing large Particle impurities, bacteria, etc., are also much better than municipal tap water.
    With the advancement of technology, the current water purifiers on the market have been able to increase the "waste water ratio" from 1: 3 (that is, 3 liters of "waste water" is produced for each liter of purified water produced), which has increased to 1: 2 The level of 1: 1, or even 2: 1, greatly reduces the generation of "wastewater"; at the same time, when installing water purification equipment, users can also ask the installers to arrange for the recycling of "wastewater". Therefore, it is a "traditional misunderstanding" that consumers think about water purifier products in the past.

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