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    The rapid growth of the purified water equipment market has opened the era of water purifier consumption

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-12-25 Views: Times

    The rapid growth of the purified water equipment market has opened the era of water purifier consumption

    The rapid growth of the purified water equipment market has opened the era of water purifier consumption

    For the sake of drinking water safety and health, more and more families are choosing to install water purification equipment to obtain safe and healthy drinking water, in order to avoid the potential "secondary pollution" risk of tap water and bottled water, which has led to the emergence of In recent years, the pure water equipment market with extremely rapid growth and great market potential.
    By sorting out the current status of the pure water equipment market, and tapping consumers' demand for healthy drinking water, after comparing the water quality and economics of different drinking water sources, they found that although the market still needs to be regulated, installing water purification equipment has become the current safe and healthy drinking water for home The best way. It can be said that the rapid growth of the purified water equipment market has made us into an unprecedented " water purifier consumption era."
    The pure water equipment market has grown rapidly year after year. When visiting the local water purification product market, almost all people in the industry are extremely optimistic about the prospect of the pure water equipment market. Especially with the growing maturity of domestic water purification equipment technology, as well as consumers' concerns about health and concerns about the potential risks of drinking water quality, water purification equipment has become the most popular household appliance category in the current home appliance market. .
    According to incomplete statistics, the overall penetration rate of water purification equipment in the domestic market is less than 5%, and there is a large gap in the market. According to the forecast of Yikang, an authoritative market organization, the domestic pure water equipment market is expected to maintain in 2014-2020. The compound annual growth rate is 45%; by 2020, the market scale of China's pure water equipment will exceed 10 million units, reaching a huge amount of 128 billion yuan.
    Tap water is not necessarily healthy when it is boiled. In fact, whether it is municipal tap water or bottled water, it is vulnerable to "secondary pollution". It can provide household users with safe and healthy drinking water at the terminal. Is the root cause of household water purifiers becoming more and more popular. And even the traditional habit of drinking tap water after boiling does not guarantee the safety and health of drinking water.
    "At present, China's tap water treatment process generally uses toxic chlorine gas that is toxic to the human body; and the residual chlorine in tap water during heating and boiling together with the tap water itself or the carcinogen chloroform caused by" secondary pollution " . "Some people in the industry said that this is enough to show that tap water boiling is not necessarily safe and healthy. "Not to mention that currently there are only 106 categories of sanitary standards for drinking water in China; more than 2,200 organic pollutants have been found in water sources, and nearly 800 are found in drinking water."
    "Purified water" will be the best choice for domestic drinking water. It is precisely because of concerns about the potential risks of tap water quality that most families use barrel water as a source of domestic drinking water. But in fact, compared with the "purified water" that is made-to-drink, the bottled water also has the problem of easy deterioration and easy "secondary pollution" due to drinking fountains and other reasons. If you consider the cost of drinking water, "purified water" that can almost completely remove impurities from the water is not only safe and healthy, but also economically superior to bottled water.
    It is understood that with the current water quality in Kunming city, even if the best filter consumables are used, the annual cost of household RO membrane water purifiers is about 600 yuan, and the cost of tap water is negligible. The cost of "purified water" is about 50-70 yuan / ton. And a well-known brand 18.9L bottled water, even if it can sell for 9 yuan / barrel during the promotion, its cost is as high as nearly 500 yuan / ton. Therefore, although the initial investment in the installation of water purification equipment is large, the average cost of "purified water" is only 1/10 of that of barreled water, or even lower.

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