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    Chemical fiber wastewater treatment technology process

    Source: Center of Water Treatment Technology: the blue Time: 2015-08-24 14:39:55 Views: Times

    Chemical fiber plant wastewater mainly comes from pulp workshop wastewater (black liquor, middle section water), raw liquor wastewater, spinning workshop wastewater, air compressor station wastewater, soft water station forward washing water, precision pressure washing water, etc. The wastewater has complex components, high chroma, Large alkalinity, high cellulose content, high pollution load, high content of refractory organic pollutants, and odor.

    Since the chemical fiber wastewater is acidic or alkaline, it must be neutralized before treatment to make its pH within the neutral range. Generally, acidic wastewater is added with alkali to neutralize, and alkaline wastewater is added with acid to neutralize. Where conditions permit, acidic and alkaline wastewater can also be used for neutralization. After the pH of the wastewater is adjusted, pretreatment is required to remove SS and oily substances, such as using air flotation to remove oil, coagulation and sedimentation to remove suspended matter and some organic matter. The pretreatment process can improve the biodegradability of wastewater. The pretreated wastewater enters the biological treatment unit, and most of the organic matter and other pollutants are effectively removed. In order to make the effluent reach higher standards or reuse requirements, advanced treatment is needed, such as activated carbon adsorption, sand filtration, biochar pool, etc.
    According to the water quality of chemical fiber wastewater, the wastewater is pretreated before entering the CASBR biochemical system for biochemical degradation, and the wastewater can reach the standard discharge after biochemical treatment. This technology is a new technology that is independently developed by our company after a lot of experimental research and is suitable for chemical fiber wastewater treatment.

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