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    Reverse osmosis pure water machine enters the "barrel-free era" will accelerate product updates

    Source: reverse osmosis water Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-10-21 Views: Times

    Reverse osmosis pure water machine enters the "barrel-free era" will accelerate product updates

    Reverse osmosis pure water machine enters the "barrel-free era" will accelerate product updates

    Recently released data show that in the first quarter of 2015, the market size of water treatment equipment (including traditional water dispensers, buckets, straight drinking fountains , pipeline machines, water purifiers and water purifiers ) reached 6.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.3% . Among them, the market size of reverse osmosis water purifiers reached 2.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 82.5%, which is much higher than other categories of products.
    However, with the popularity of reverse osmosis water purifiers , there are also some problems. In the user evaluations of JD.com and Tmall, it can be seen that the user's bad evaluations are mainly concentrated on the reasons for the space occupied by the pure water machine and the high failure rate. The previous survey results of professional water purification media on domestic consumers, shopping guides and installation engineers also showed that the most prominent issues reflected by consumers are: reverse osmosis water purifiers are large in size, have complex working principles, and are difficult to maintain. In addition, there will be a certain amount of dense water discharge.
    These problems are also determined by the design and working principle of the reverse osmosis pure water machine: When the pure water machine is working, the water flows through the RO reverse osmosis membrane and filters out the subtle and harmful impurities in it: bacteria, viruses, radioactive substances and Heavy metals, organic compounds, etc. From the perspective of the pure water machine principle, only pure water will pass through the RO membrane, and impurities will be excluded and removed. In general, the ratio of pure water to wastewater produced is 1: 3. In this way, there will be a problem that is convenient to use: the water output of the pure water machine is too small to meet the user's requirements for taking water at any time. Therefore, the pressure bucket comes in handy: when the user does not take water, the pure water machine works as well, and the produced pure water is stored in the pressure bucket first. When the user needs water, directly from the pressure bucket to the outside Output, users do not have to spend time waiting for water. Therefore, the pressure bucket plays an irreplaceable important role for the pure water machine.
    For a long time, countless water treatment manufacturers have been working to solve the problem of pressure buckets, because for consumers, there is also the potential for secondary pollution of pressure buckets. Because of the existence of pressure buckets, the water that consumers drink is often not Freshest good water. In addition, the pressure bucket relies on the pressure of the internal air bag to squeeze out water. After a long time, the pressure bucket is often out of gas. The engineer needs to bring the pressure bucket to the door to inflate to increase the pressure. Therefore, the pressure bucket of the pure water machine is for The water treatment industry research and development practitioners love and hate.
    The development of bucketless reverse osmosis water purifiers has also become an important subject for production enterprises. Because the commonly used 50-gallon membrane products do not have enough filtered water, increasing the capacity of the reverse osmosis membrane is an inevitable choice. As the technology continues to mature, 200, 300, 400, and 500-gallon reverse osmosis membranes are gradually listed, and one reverse osmosis Pure water machine is a system, in addition to the membrane, the matching pump, membrane shell, pretreatment, circuit development, etc. need to be upgraded and redesigned, because bucketless pure water machine also needs to consider the frequent machine startup Damage to electrical circuits, pumps, membranes and life issues.

    Reverse osmosis pure water machine equipment

    Reverse osmosis pure water machine enters the "barrel-free era" will accelerate product updates

    With the continuous maturity of technology, water purifiers with large-throughput pressureless barrel designs have begun to market. Enterprises such as Haier, Kaiyou, Xiaomi, AO Smith and others have launched bucketless high-flux reverse osmosis pure water machines. One of the representatives is the Kayo PC400 bucketless water purifier, which was released recently. It uses a 400-gallon high-throughput RO reverse osmosis membrane to achieve a bucketless design. Users can drink fresh pure water directly filtered and directly drunk. , And save installation space. At the same time, Kaiyou PC400 reverse osmosis pure water machine also improved the pure water recovery rate from 25% to 50% and increased the water production ratio from 1: 3 to 1: 1 through structural and technological innovation, greatly reducing waste water disposal.
    Speaking of Kaiyou's original intention of launching bucketless water purifiers, Xiao Aimin, general manager of Kaiyou Water Purification, said that the traditional five-stage water purifiers are relatively mature in technology and the production process is relatively streamlined. The place where small and medium-sized brands are rooted, and Kaiyou Water Purifier started to develop high-flux and ultra-low-pressure technology products a few years ago. After years of research and development and repeated testing, it was continuously updated before it launched a completely new design of bucketless pure Water machine products, and fully grasp the core technology and process of all reverse osmosis pure water machines. In the traditional five-level water purifier, everyone competes for price competition, and the real strength is in the development and production of bucketless water purifiers. Kaiyou Water Purification hopes to promote bucketless water purifiers with domestic and foreign manufacturers. The popularization of the technology has promoted the application of high-throughput reverse osmosis membrane technology.
    It is foreseeable that with the Kaiyou PC400 bucketless water purifier, major brands have introduced new products of bucketless reverse osmosis water purifiers. Consumers' recognition of bucketless water purifiers is getting higher and higher. The water machine officially entered the bucketless era.

    Reverse osmosis water machine enters the bucketless era

    Reverse osmosis pure water machine enters the "barrel-free era" will accelerate product updates


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