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    Can I drink water directly in the community?

    Source: straight quarter of drinking water: the blue Time: 2015-10-19 Views: Times

    Residential drinking water equipment

    Community drinking fountains

    Direct drinking water equipment uses tap water, and the health supervision department will also carry out regular inspections, and the water quality is relatively guaranteed. However, experts remind that most of the treated water is very soft water, and the content of calcium and magnesium in the water is very low. Long-term drinking will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Convenient and cheap direct drinking water also faces the test of water quality safety. An industry insider expressed concern: "These filter equipment are subject to regular maintenance such as replacement of filter elements. This basically depends on the self-discipline of the operator. Whether the equipment itself is qualified and whether secondary pollution exists makes water quality safe."
    So is there a regulator for direct drinking water in the community? The reporter contacted the Beijing Fengtai District Health Supervision Bureau. A staff member said that for direct drinking water equipment, the current health supervision bureau will conduct regular inspections. According to relevant regulations, businesses are not required to apply for a health permit for the time being.
    "The water source of the automatic water vending machine is tap water. After special filtering and other purification processes, it becomes direct drinking water. The raw water is definitely no problem. The secondary pollution factors of the storage container are excluded. The water quality of the direct drinking water also meets hygienic drinking standards. The staff member said frankly that according to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of direct drinking water devices in the district, and it is difficult to test one by one, but they can test which machine has hidden health and safety hazards.
    When asked if he had a health and safety permit, he said: "We send purified water to the health and disease control center every year, and we can be assured of safety." Will the safety of direct drinking water be guaranteed by sending the water to the quarantine department? The reporter contacted the Beijing Centers for Disease Control on this matter. The staff of the center said that the epidemic prevention department was not responsible for supervising the drinking water equipment in the community and did not conduct regular sampling checks on their water samples. Entrusted by the health supervision department and residents, the water samples submitted for inspection shall be tested. "The test report we made only has legal basis for the water samples submitted for inspection. As for the quality of the water sold by the drinking fountain , it cannot be used as a basis." The staff member told reporters.

    Residential drinking water equipment

    Community drinking fountains

    Is it possible to drink drinking water directly in the community? Zhao Feihong, chairman of the Professional Committee on Healthy Drinking Water of the Beijing Conservation and Health Association, said that by filtering through drinking water equipment , toxic and harmful heavy metals and most organic pollution in the water would be removed, which greatly improved the safety. But she hopes to remind consumers through the "Economic Daily": "Most of the processes used in our automatic vending machines in the community are reverse osmosis membranes or nanofiltration membranes, and most of the water produced is extremely soft water. The impurities are removed At the same time, about 90% of the trace elements in the water will be filtered out. The calcium and magnesium content in the water is also very low, and long-term drinking will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. "

    (This article is reproduced from China Water Treatment Equipment Technology Network.)


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